What not to pack: tips for moving house

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What Not to Pack: Tips for Moving House

When it comes to packing up all of your possessions for a big move it becomes inevitable that you will look around at the piles and boxes gradually accumulating around you and think to yourself, ‘why on earth do I have so much stuff?’.

Why would be right, because surely you don’t use it all or it wouldn’t be such a surprise to see it accumulating like this. Here, therefore are some tips on how to make that pile just a bit more manageable.



If you find that you unearth boxes that you never unpacked the last time you moved, then it’s probably safe to say that they are full of stuff you will never use. If you’ve managed to get by without remembering you owned it then it’s probably time to cut them loose.

Obvious exceptions to this are boxes of memories, children’s schoolbooks and the like. Though these are probably about as useful as old currency they hold a certain sentimental value which means they will dutifully be transported from attic to attic until they crumble to dust. Hardly used possessions, however, can be left behind. Some removals and packing services can even help you sell anything that might have value or recommend where to take it.

Charity shops are also great places to pass on things that you no longer want, though most now will only accept donations of a very high quality, which can be sold as ‘nearly new’.

For things that you know you can’t sell and you know you won’t use you can just dispose of them. However, be sure to go with a registered Waste Carrier if you do choose this option, as there are implications to using an unregistered one who may be dumping goods illegally.


In a fairly similar way to the boxes of possessions you can be sure that there are clothes in the house that don’t fit or are long past their fashion sell-by date or are simply too worn to wear anymore.

There could be all sorts of reasons for hanging onto these but more convincing are the reasons not to. Clothes can go anywhere too. Charity shops are always viable but the warnings listed above still apply.

Also there are some great services which can be found online who will pick up a bag of clothes free and pay you for their weight or even go away and value the items and then send you a cheque. That would probably be a nice bit of post to receive at your new house.


Does anyone ever really need two blenders? Or that spare kettle you have knocking around? Or duplicates of almost anything, for that matter? Of course there are exceptions; you wouldn’t get very far with one fork for example, but on the whole these are also things that can be left behind.

Perhaps you think that the second tent in the garage would be great for that group camping trip you may or may not have with the lads, but really, why would you be expected to bring sleeping space for the people not in your party? Like your other duplicates, it’s just not necessary.

So these are just three detailed tips for what not to pack but hopefully with just these tips behind you the task of packing will not seem so impossible. You might even get a little bit of money for reducing those mountains of belongings.

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