The main benefits of cork tiles

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The Main Benefits of Cork Tiles

Apart from being resistant to abrasions and cracking, cork tiles are also impermeable to both gas and liquid. With proper maintenance, cork tiles can last for more than 38 years. Due to their amazing resilience, they are very convenient for buildings or places that normally experience extensive foot traffic such as public libraries, churches, mosques, and court rooms.


Aesthetic Value of Cork Tiles

Cork tiles are also naturally beautiful. They are come in a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, and colours that are capable of adding beauty to any building. To create perfect beauty in your building or room, you should arrange the tiles in alternating colours or patterns.

Easy to Clean

As compared to other types of tiles, cork tiles are very easy to clean and maintain. You can easily sweep or vacuum them to get to get rid of dust, mud, or soup spills in an easy way without stressing yourself. However, due to their natural soft texture, it is very advisable for you to use soft wiping clothes or soft bristle brooms while doing the cleaning. This is to avoid interfering with the texture or colour.

Easy to Install

Apart from being easy to clean and maintain, cork tiles are also easy to install. The tiles come with a user manual that is easy to understand. In fact, you can easily install the tiles on your own without using the user manual. You only need to be careful while gluing the tiles to the floor or wall so as to ensure that they are in line with each other.

Noise Resistance

Cork tiles have the extraordinary ability to minimise the transmission of vibration and sound from any room. Cork is known to contain more than a million air cells per cubic inch. These minute air cells act as cushions as they can absorb sound and direct impacts. The ability of cork tiles to absorb sound makes them very suitable for libraries, conference halls, entertainment rooms such as recording studios, and other places that usually require minimisation of sound.


Cork tiles offer natural resistance to termites, mildew, and mould. They are also known to possess anti-microbial properties, allowing them to act as perfect protection against unnecessary bacterial infections or insect attacks.


The soft and smooth nature of cork tiles make them comfortable to walk on or to touch. Cork tiles an also generate warmth in a room as they are natural thermal insulators.


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