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Sell Your House, Sooner

As the housing market begins to re-find its feet and Spring is in the air, its fast becoming house selling season.

However, don’t have your property stuck with a For Sale sign for too long. Not only could your desired new home get snapped up, you may get stuck in a property that no longer suits your needs and also, eventually you may end up accepting an offer far lower than you considered, to simply get a sale after waiting for so long.

Never fear, there are tried and tested ways to help secure a sale, sooner.

The 5 C’s for Success


When you visit a hotel, you expect it to be clean. Treat your own house in the same way. Dust shelves, polish windows and mirrors, vacuum or arrange for carpet cleaning which removes undesirable stains. Make sure the bathroom and kitchen smell pleasant and are not harbouring rubbish in the bins. One quick tip is to let as much light in rooms as possible – whether that involves fully pulling back the curtains, or have lights and lamps on for the visit. It’s surprisingly uplifting and adds a modern, airy feel to a property.


In short, clear it out. Your ornaments, framed photographs, magazines all make the house your own, but that’s not what a prospective buyer wants to see. They’ll want a neat and tidy space in which to picture themselves and their furniture. Plus, less clutter means that rooms should appear more spacious, rather than bombarded with your belongings.


Research shows that females value storage space when looking for a new property. To maintain the clean, tidy setting that they experience on their first visit to the house, they will need the storage space, so emphasising this throughout the house is another tip for selling success.


One of the major reasons for a house move is to cater for family numbers. Although you may have benefitted from converting the small bedroom into a home study, your visitors could be looking for the next property in which to expand their family. It could be as simple as adding a sofa bed or futon to your study to better demonstrate its purpose. More bedrooms equals more value.

Colour Co-ordinated.

Again, you are selling a house to new buyers, not your current taste in interior design.  Try to limit wild wall colourings and crazy patterns with a spot of DIY / professional painting and decorating. A clean colour palette will make a room feel more unified. Neutral tones have been proven to help as again you are providing a blank canvas in which buyers can then envisage their new home.

If you have any more tips that have helped you in the past, feel free to leave a comment below. Whether it’s sweet talking the estate agent or offering guests homemade cookies, help spread the house selling joy!


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