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Outside the Box Home Improvement Inspiration

If you’ve found yourself arriving at this article, then chances are you want to change up your home in some small way, but don’t know where to start.

It’s easy to get carried away and want to knock down your walls and renovate from scratch, but there are some smaller fun things you can do for a nice change of pace.


Vintage Lights

A fun idea for when it comes to improving your home, is to look into the concept of vintage lights.

This could mean a number of things. You could attend car boot sales, browse charity shops or look at vintage websites. There really are so many unique designs, in the shapes of lamps and bulbs. A fun place to start looking into is with LED Edison bulbs, they are surprisingly energy efficient, meaning also cost effective.

They’re a unique design, a style that originated a few decades ago, but has now seen a new light in our society. They can come in different shapes and sizes, and even emit different colours.

Garden Projects

When it comes to garden renovations, you may think there’s not much that you can do, but you’d be wrong.

There’s almost anything you can do in your garden; you could even make an outdoor office or a firepit. A fun idea, is to start growing your own vegetables. Most people when growing plants in their garden, elect to grow flowers. Whilst that is a lovely idea, it doesn’t serve much use.

Instead, consider growing something that you can eat. Home grown produce always tastes better knowing you did it yourself. You can pretty much grow anything in your garden, assuming it’s the right season and you know what you’re doing.

When growing your vegetables, make sure you use some sort of protective netting to stop pests and birds getting in.

You can browse through a range of different types of nets, as well as other useful garden equipment, at Little Fields Farm. They will be able to sell you netting at measurements tailored to your needs, and have coverage for the winter too. The last thing you want is for animals to get to your tomatoes before you do.

Interior Shutters

A fun interior renovation design to think about are interior shutters. As well as offering unique aesthetics, they also have some genuine advantages to your home.

For example, since they are on the inside of your home after the glass, they can actually help keep heat in, adding an extra layer of insulation.

You can also rearrange the slits, either restricting sunlight completely or angling it into a different direction. With some shutter designs, they can be opened like a door or window internally.

They can also add another element of privacy into your life, there are a number of designs tailored for this reason.

A final extra reason for installing some interior shutters, is that if fitted onto a door, you are able to open that door to let in some fresh air without worrying about insects and pests getting in.


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