Making modern tiling trends work in your home

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Making Modern Tiling Trends Work In Your Home

Sometimes homeowners are reluctant to apply the latest interior design trend to their home because they fear it could just be a fad. In a few years time they then have the choice between spending money on more renovations or living in a home that already looks outdated and kitsch. However, for years bright tiles have been used cleverly in interior design to create unique and contemporary living spaces.

There’s no sign that such tiles are going to fall in popularity anytime soon, so if you’re thinking of making some renovations to your home you should definitely consider the benefits that a splash of colour could add.


Brighten up a Utility Room

It’s incredible how many people are content to have a utility room that looks drab and gloomy while the rest of their household is kept neat, tidy and stylish. You might not enjoy doing laundry but that doesn’t mean you should make yourself more miserably by doing it in a depressing environment. Brighten up your utility room with some well placed vivid, friendly and warm colours, such as yellows and oranges and you’ll be a lot more inclined to whistle while you work.

You could even use the tiles as a type of colour code, which would be fitting for a utility room – a laundry basket in front of the blue tiles could be clothes that need ironing for example.

Bathroom Tiles

The horror of avocado bathrooms in the 1980s has lived long in the memory of many people wary of redecorating their bathroom. However, nobody is suggesting you tile your bathroom from ceiling to floor in a rather dull shade of green. Instead, use tiles to create focal points, perhaps around the bathroom or sink for example.

If you don’t want to be too adventurous you can settle with shades of blue – because of the associations of bathrooms with water this is always a safe but effective choice. If you want to stay safe with your colours you can still be bold with your tile selection: by contrasting large tiles with dashes of mosaic effect tiles for instance.

Kitchen Tiles

You should feel comfortable being a little more daring with your choices in the kitchen. Used sensibly, there are many colours that can create a great effect. Lime green is a perfect choice for the kitchen because it’s fresh and interesting, but shades of oranges, reds or metallic effect tiles also work well. If you want to limit your use of tiles, either as a design choice or because of budget constraints consider having a tiled splashback.


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