How to build a great garage workspace

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How to Build A Great Garage Workspace

The garage is often a safe haven for some of us. It can become a place where you can get away from your daily life troubles. Where you can get into your zone and do a task that is both productive and enjoyable. Whether you’re tinkering with your car, cleaning the outside of your caravan ready for your next trip or even getting a quick workout in. But more often than not, it can be a place where we go to get our hands dirty. A place we go to work, but the key to this is having a well thought out and efficient garage workspace.

You might be completely new to DIY or an absolute boss when it comes to piecing things together and creating something new, but none of that matters if you don’t have the right tools to work with! By setting up your garage workspace in a particular way, you’ll be able to create a space that’ll keep your hands and mind busy for hours on end! 

More often than not, our garages end up being filled right to the roof with stuff that we don’t use all that often, if at all. So the first step is to roll your sleeves up and have a clear out. Wait for the right day that’s preferably dry, hire a skip, grab some family members and get rid of some stuff in the garage that you don’t use – space is important when creating your new workspace! Who knows, you may even find something that will come in handy. Everyone seems to have a toolbox that they may not have used in quite some time!

When thinking about the perfect garage workspace, what elements do we need to consider?

A Workbench

That pivotal centre, the temple of your DIY projects. Ironically, and if you’re an aspiring DIY hero, building your own personalised workbench, to suit and fit the space that you have, might just be the perfect first project. A top tip is to ensure it’s made from hard wearing and durable materials as it will most definitely be be test and put through the ringer with varying weight and several hammerings happening. Depending on the different types of projects you’re considering, be they niche or general, it’s best to shop around for materials that’ll work best for you, also you’ll want to consider your personal style for it’s design.

Shelving & Storage

It makes sense that if you’re creating something, you’re going to have more things. You’re bound to need some storage for all your tools and pieces of equipment too. Considering the right shelving and storage will help you not only store your tools but also give you a clear route to them when you need them, this will also benefit you in creating a clear and concise visualisation of your project. Having Steel Shelving Units in your garage ensures sturdiness and convenience allow you the ability to hold and store a various quantity of items. Not only does this help you organise your equipment but makes the project more efficient for when you’re working. Did we mention it keeps your workshop tidy too!

Tools & Equipment

The DIY tools and equipment you will need for your garage workspace will entirely depend on the type of work that you’ll be carrying out. Whether you’ll be working on some adjustments to your caravan or creating a toy box for your new child that is on the way, they will differ from craft to craft.

What you’ll want to do here is seriously consider the brand of tools you use and the variety of tools you’ll want. If you’re looking at woodworking you might kit your garage out with woodworking tool, if you’re going to be working with metal, tools like those from Rotabroach are perfect.

You’ll be able to pick up quality tools at your local builders merchant, if you’re unsure of the specific tool you’ll need for a job you can ask the team for their advice. Alternatively a quick internet search for “tool shop UK” will land you on a tool store where you’ll be able to browse products and even their blog posts.

Good lighting

As we all know, the UK weather will probably mean that your garage door will be closed whilst you’re working away. This will mean limited light supply and when you’re working with tools that can be dangerous or with electrics, a good light supply is a necessity and typical garage lights just won’t cut it. If you are quite handy when it comes to electrics, you could install some LED lighting yourself to brighten the place up, otherwise, we’d recommend speaking to an electrician to help create light.


In your cave of wonder, you’re bound to be plugging in your tools and equipment all over the place as you work on your next DIY project. This means that having sufficient electrical supply and having plenty of power outlets is important. It’s important that you ensure your extension leads aren’t trailing along the floor, but instead are fitted alongside the edge of your garage, or on the walls so that they are easily noticeable and reachable. Nobody wants cables hanging for the ceiling – did somebody say health and safety?!

With all of these in mind, you’ll be on your way to creating your own space of DIY heaven. But what project will you be working on next? 


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