Using granite in your home improvements

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Using Granite in your Home Improvements

Granite off cuts are pieces of granite that are left over after a larger job has been completed. The first impulse some people might have is to discard these stone off cuts but it makes much more sense to use the granite to its fullest.

Granite is sturdy and elegant making it one of those rare materials that are both useful and beautiful. Some of the most popular uses for the off cuts left by a larger job are detailed below.

Tabletops and Counters

Depending on their size, granite off cuts can be used to complete coffee tables or kitchen worktops. If you have large enough off cuts, you should have no problem adapting them to fit your needs for a full tabletop or counter project. Smaller off cuts can also be combined to produce a top that is very visually impressive.

If you plan to combine off cuts, you will need to plan ahead when it comes to the overall surface. Stone off cuts are not guaranteed to be uniform in colour and pattern, but that can be turned into an opportunity to show some artistic flair.

By combining different off cuts, you can create a unique and visually stunning pattern for your surface while still keeping the overall flair that granite provides.


Because of their size, granite, quartz or marble off cuts are also ideal when putting together fireplace or bath surrounds. As with tabletops and counters, the off cuts can be arranged in different ways to make a visually pleasing pattern that fits well with the overall theme of your fireplace or bathroom.

The off cuts are not limited to only two rooms, either. They can be used to fill out any other area of your house as needed, including dens, fire hearths, and kitchens. They work especially well if you already have a similar granite or marble pattern in place, at which point these off cuts become a decorative way to bring a room together.

House Art

If you have an artistic side, you can use stone off cuts in many different ways as part of an art project. The different sizes, shapes and colors can be used to create mosaics or patterns in your walkways.

At a small additional cost, you can also have the off cuts fabricated further into special shapes that will help to fill out your visual art. If you are looking for a classical feel to your home, you can also use this stone to create an architrave which serves as a decorative moulding over a doorway, If you’re going down this route you’ll want to utilise the experts to craft these shapes. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for stonemasons in Essex, Edinburgh or anywhere in between always make sure that your chosen stonemason can provide examples of previous work so you know there up to the task.

Whether you are renovating a home or just performing a few touch-ups to make it feel like yours, granite and quartz stone off cuts are a great way to personalise your living space. Most importantly, the stone lets you tap into your creative side, turning your home into something that truly reflects your personality.


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