Fun ideas for a loft conversion

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Fun Ideas For A Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are a great way to expand your current living space without having to completely uproot and move to another property, plus they can increase the value of your house ready for when the time comes should you decide to move. 

But rather than use your loft space simply as an extra room which can soon, without even realising, become overcrowded with random bits and bobs you don’t know where else to put, why not consider using the space differently? You could liven up your new room and use it for something fun, interesting, and more importantly, for something you enjoy!  

If you want to make a few changes to your current home and have considered a loft conversion in the past, then these great ideas for how to utilise your new loft space should inspire you into doing it.

Loft Children’s Playroom 

We all know how much kids love toys, but they tend to latch on to them, never wanting to clear any old ones out. With their stash expanding out of control, it can feel impossible to keep your home looking neat and tidy. But rather than let it take over the whole house, why not transform your loft space into a children’s playroom?  This could be the answer to all your problems as both parties are kept happy. The children have their own space to play and you get to contain all their toys in one space, plus get some peace and quiet as all the noise is kept far away at the top of the house, which will be handy for them they have friends round to play and are super noisy! 

So why not reclaim back some space around the house and simply fill the loft room full of all their books, toys, games consoles etc. But make sure you set some ground rules first and let them know this room is their responsibility and all toys should be tidied away before they leave the room!

Loft Cinema Room 

A cinema room can be a real luxurious addition to your house, providing you with the perfect space to relax in. You could consider limiting the room to contain just the TV/projector screen and nothing else, so you can keep it solely as a cinema room to unwind and not get distracted by anything else, such as laptops, phones etc. 

Why not make the most of your cinema room and have the surrounding skirting boards fitted with dull lighting and red leather seating to really set the scene.  This helps create the perfect ambience for your deluxe cinema room, helping you thoroughly relax, sit back and get lost in a good film – without having to pay the extortionate cinema prices!  

Loft Games Room

We’ve mentioned how a children’s playroom can be a great way to make practical and fun use of your loft space. Similarly, a games room for adults could offer exactly the same. Even when we’re all grown up we still like to have our games, but just like children’s toys, they can become a bit too much for your house to hold. 

A games room could provide you with the ideal space to keep all your games and gadgets. You could also take full advantage of having this space all for yourself and include a bar and comfortable seating to really set the scene amongst your various games such as; pool tables, darts boards, duke box etc. to make it a complete chill-out zone.

Spa/Jacuzzi Room

Add a touch of indulgence to your property with your very own home spa! Select the right size jacuzzi or bath for the room, or maybe even a blissful spa shower, and accessories with luxury towels, soft candles and self-indulgent toiletries for a real treat. 

Spas are said to improve mental and physical well-being, and though it may sound out of your reach, it is doable if you’re willing to invest in your property. You can reap the benefits of your own personal and private spa room whenever you need a bit of TLC! 

Music / Recording Loft Studio 

A recording room would be ideal for a budding home musician to use this space as their own. You could corner off sections of the room fairly easily due to the nature of the attic shapes with their sloped wall and ceiling, and use as separate booths. 

Make sure you soundproof the room first though, especially if you do not live in a detached property – you don’t want to get on the wrong side of your neighbours! There is plenty of choice on the market for various insulation products, just speak to the company who carried out your loft conversion.   

Artist’s Loft Studio

A loft is a perfect setting to use as your own creative space, and if you’re the arty type, then what better way than as an art studio? You can have the space you’ve always wanted to concentrate on your passion! 

Light is essential for any artist, so it’s worth including as many windows and skylights as possible in the room when planning your conversion. A bright and airy room filled with natural light is better for your state of mind and will help you work at your best! 

If the plumbing work allows you to, then you could also add a sink in the corner of the room – ideal for cleaning up after you so you don’t have to traipse through the house and downstairs every time. 

A loft conversion can give you the flexibility to dramatically enhance the current living space in your home. Your loft can be transformed into a worthwhile space, rather than left as a discarded room full of dust and old boxes. Once you’ve got an idea of what you’d want from the room you’ll want to speak to a specialist in designing loft conversions that will suit your needs. Even if you currently rely on your loft for storage, they’ll cleverly tailor the conversion so that you’re still able to keep as much space for storage purposes as possible. 


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