Creating your dream home: 13 improvements and maintenance ideas

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Creating Your Dream Home: 13 Improvements And Maintenance Ideas

Turning a property into a dream home can take time, dedication and hard work. It can often feel daunting for owners of a fixer-upper, and even knowing where to start can be difficult. It is vital to get help and advice from people who know what they’re doing, particularly if this is your first time renovating and owning a property.  

In addition to home improvements, it is crucial to learn about home maintenance to keep your dream home working properly. Often home improvements and maintenance go hand in hand, as renovations give rise to the opportunity to do deeper and more thorough maintenance.  

Keep The Plumbing Flowing 

The plumbing in your home is crucial, and keeping it in top form is vital to prevent possible serious issues like flooding. Plumbing issues can have serious implications for your property and be very costly to resolve. It is an excellent idea to do regular plumbing maintenance to prevent the most common plumbing issues like clogged drains.  

Some key plumbing maintenance includes knowing what can and can’t be flushed down the toilet, learning what sounds and smells clogged drains create, and keeping an eye on how quickly water drains. If you notice anything amiss, it is important to get it checked out by a professional plumber as soon as possible.  

Make Storage To Fit Awkward Spaces 

Hiring a carpenter to make bespoke storage for those awkward spaces in the home can be an excellent home improvement. This can give you more space to utilise and eliminates inefficiency with storage. For instance, unused under stairs areas can be fitted with built-in shelving to store items. If you have sloped ceilings in any bedrooms, you could get a fitted wardrobe that slots into the space.  

Create An Open Plan Living And Kitchen Area 

Open plan living has long been a popular interior design choice, and it can be a great way to make your living space open, airy and relaxing. It can also make your home ideal for hosting parties or dinners. You should always use a professional builder for any changes to the structure of your home. They will be able to advise on whether walls can be knocked down without compromising the structural integrity of the building.  

Add A Conservatory 

Conservatories can be a great place to relax no matter what time of the year. During the winter, it can be a great place to snuggle up and watch snow or rainfall; during the summer, it can be the perfect space to soak up plenty of sunshine. Conservatories can also be a great way to add an extra room to your home without the expense of a full extension.  

Replace Your Windows 

Having secure working windows ensures your safety and comfort at home. Damaged windows can lead to reduced energy efficiency and a heightened risk of burglary. You should assess your windows regularly, looking for any damage such as cracks or gaps. 

If you identify any issues with your windows, you should have them replaced immediately. If you need to replace all windows, you could consider investing in triple-glazed windows, which can offer the best energy efficiency and security.  

Choose Smart Financing 

Financing any home improvement or maintenance can be tricky. You’ll need to work out a budget, factoring in all possible costs to ensure you have the money to cover everything. Saving can be a good way to pay for renovations, but if your maintenance is more urgent, you should consider alternative financing options. For instance, you could look for a short-term loan with a quick turnaround with the help of the expert brokers at Payday UK. They can help you to quickly find the best deal for you so you can get on with your project as soon as possible. 

Get A New Boiler 

Getting a new one could be a good idea if your boiler is more than ten years old. This is because the older a boiler gets, the more likely it is to break down. A broken-down boiler can be a massive issue for your home, particularly if it happens during the winter. In addition, newer boilers are much more energy-efficient than older models, making them a great way to save money and energy throughout the year.  

Transform Your Bathroom 

The bathroom is often a key consideration for anyone wanting to make their dream house. There are many options available depending on your taste and needs. You could consider making the bathtub the centrepiece of the bathroom, with a large, modern jacuzzi-style tub. Alternatively, you could find a freestanding claw-foot tub for a more classic and retro bathroom aesthetic.  

There are also options like a rainfall showerhead that creates a perfectly relaxing environment for your showers. Wet rooms can be ideal for anyone with mobility issues and are a great and stylish choice. Whatever you choose, you should look for the options that will give you the very best in style, comfort and functionality.  

Clad Out Your Home Exterior 

The exterior of the home is often an afterthought when it comes to home improvements. This is often a mistake that homeowners make – after all, a home’s exterior is the first impression guests will have of the property.  

If the exterior of your home is out of step with the interior, you could consider getting cladding for the property. Cladding is a great and cost-effective way to dramatically change the outside appearance of your home. You can get cladding in various materials such as wood, stone or aluminium. 

Create An Outdoor Hangout Spot 

The garden can be a fantastic place to relax and enjoy yourself with loved ones. Making an outdoor hangout spot can be the perfect option for barbeques, parties and outside dinners. You’ll need some cover to protect against the unpredictable British weather, such as a retractable awning. A more permanent structure could also be beneficial, such as a veranda.  

You’ll also need some quality garden furniture that will stand the test of time. A heat source can also be helpful on cooler summer nights or if you want to enjoy your garden even during winter. A firepit can be a good and cost-effective choice, or you could install electric heaters if you want to avoid creating smoke.  

Keep Your Roof In Excellent Condition 

The condition of your roof can have a significant impact on your property. Water damage from leaks in the roof can cause serious structural damage, so it is vital to regularly assess the roof to ensure it is still in good condition. Keep an eye out for loose, cracked or missing tiles or shingles, and get your gutters cleaned out regularly. If you notice any damage or birds nesting that could cause an issue, contact a professional to assess ASAP. 

Upgrade To LED Bulbs 

If you still have incandescent bulbs throughout your home, now is the time to upgrade to LED. LEDs are far more energy-efficient, which can save you money and energy. Incandescent bulbs are incredibly energy inefficient due to the amount of unnecessary heat created. In addition, they often conk out much quicker than LEDs which can last up to a decade.  

Replace Your Appliances 

When we move into a new property, many appliances come pre-installed. For instance, built-in fridge-freezers, ovens, hobs and dishwashers. This can be excellent if the appliances are new and in line with your needs, but if they are not up to the task, it is a good idea to get replacements as soon as possible.  

This is particularly important if the appliances aren’t working adequately. You could consider replacing appliances with options that suit the overall décor or offer greater functionality. The more you invest in your appliances, the more you will get out of them. 


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