Choosing a portable generator – what to look for

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Choosing a portable generator – What To Look For

in order to get the right portable generator, there are a few different things you need to look for. Factors such as what you want to use it for, how loud it is, how much fuel it uses and the power on offer are just a few of the things to look for when choosing your generator.

When you are choosing a portable generator, there are a few different things you need to look for to make sure you get the right one for you. Let’s take a look at a few of the issues you definitely need to consider before making your final generator choice.

Your intended use

First of all, what you are planning to use the portable generator for might have an impact on the specific generator you go for. As an example, if you need to use the generator for industrial use, such as in the construction industry, durability and sturdiness of the design is likely to be a key issue. By contrast, if you are planning to use your generator on a camping trip, noise levels are likely to be more of an issue and so a silent generator might be something that is high up your list of desired features.

Noise levels

As mentioned above, noise levels matter. One of the reasons you need to take this into consideration is that in some areas, there are limits on how noisy you can be at night time and so making sure you choose a quieter model could be important. A noisy generator can also be distracting, particularly if it is still running while you are trying to sleep nearby. Look for the decibel rating on the generators you are thinking of, and remember that for every 10 decibels that are added to the rating, the generator will be ten times as loud.

Ease of transportation

In some cases, once you have got the generator into position, you won’t need to move it again. However, if you are planning to use your generator in different locations, ease of transportation will certainly be a key factor to look for. It is possible to find wheeled models that can be very useful if you need a portable solution, as well as lightweight models – these are definitely worth looking out for.

Ease of use

Of course, one of the most important things to look for in any portable generator is how easy it is for you to use. Look for an engine model that is known for its ease of starting. Something else you might like to consider is a generator with an electric start, which can be more convenient in some situations.

Power output

With any generator, you are looking for consistency of power output. This is because a generator that fluctuates its level of power can end up damaged or shutting itself down. With this in mind, make sure you choose a generator that is able to regulate the voltage. For example, look for a generator with an automatic voltage regulator, a digital automatic voltage regulator, or an intelligent automatic voltage regulator.

Efficiency of fuel

Fuel efficiency is something else to consider as you need to know you will be getting decent use out of your generator. One option to look for is a generator that adjusts the speed of the engine according to how much power is needed so you can be sure of good fuel efficiency. Also check the description of your chosen generator to see what its maximum run time is, and look to see how much fuel it can hold.

Backup and support

Finally, you hopefully won’t have any problems with your portable generator but it certainly makes sense to go with a supplier that has a good system of support and services in place just in case you do need some backup. A good warranty and easy-to-find parts are two things to look for here.


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