Canvas art – combining luxury and modern lifestyles

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Canvas Art – Combining Luxury and Modern Lifestyles

Canvas art has evolved over the years. Gone are the days when canvas art was all about nailing framed picture onto canvas. There are so many innovative ideas relates to hanging wall art on your home canvas.

The most important things related to putting photos on canvas are how you hang them on the wall. Hanging the pictures in the right manner makes sure that your canvas looks aesthetic yet organised.

You don’t want to overcrowd the canvas. Leaving too many blank spots is also not a very good idea. Therefore it is important that you choose the right hanging technique and you organise the photos in the right manner to make your canvas look full and beautiful.

Tips for Success

Following are a few tips to help you hang wall art on your home canvas in the right manner:


Frames are the standard and the most sophisticated option available when it comes to hanging picture on canvas. Frames are available at all range of prices. You will find frames which are affordable and cheap and you will also find frames which are very expensive. They are available in all kinds of materials too.

Metallic frames with ornate designs are especially famous. You will find simple designs too that are less expensive and that suit your taste. The best thing about using frames to hang photos onto canvas is that you can order customized frames especially for your purpose. You can search for frames online. You will find frames of all price range on the many shopping website which sell home decoration objects.


Using patterned ribbons to hand the photos onto canvas is also a good idea. There are many varieties of pretty ribbons available in the market in variety of patterns. You can use these ribbons to hang photos on canvas wall.

Wiring the painting can be replaced with ribbons. The two ribbons pieces need to be attached on two sides of the painting. Tie these two ends in a knot with some space in between. The knot will be visible and it will be used to hang the canvas photos.

While choosing a ribbon artwork, make sure that you follow a certain pattern or colour. Using different ribbons for all paintings will give a very haphazard and confused look to the pictures on canvas of your home.


Grouping of many painting into one or simply a collage is another great idea for digital canvas prints for home decoration. It would be a very unique piece of art in your home. It would bring life to your home canvas.

Collages are one of the most preferred choices of canvas prints chosen for home decoration. The collection of some of your best pictures can be used to create the collage.

Row Style Hanging

If you are thinking about creating a memory lane then hanging photos in rows in a chronological order is the best option you have. It can be implemented in places like a staircase, a long corridor, a hallway, etc.

If you’re looking to furnish your home, their are many considerations, from ornaments to canvas art. All of which not only allow you to display your character but also your taste, all while improving your homes interior and aesthetics.


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