Best uses for an orangery

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Best Uses For An Orangery

If you wish to add style and character to your home, then an orangery is the perfect solution. An orangery provides versatile space that you can use all year round. Orangeries can be used as an extension to make existing rooms more functional or transformed into a brand new room.

One of the main advantages of a bespoke orangery is that the structure can be built to suit your needs, so you can be provided with an orangery that is suitable for whatever purpose you have in mind.


Best uses for an Orangery:

Using Your Orangery as a Kitchen Extension.

An orangery provides bright and airy space, making it the perfect solution for those wishing to add an extension to their kitchen. Orangeries help to make rooms such as kitchens more practical and offer just enough space for kitchen appliances.

Using Your Orangery as a Living room.

An orangery can be used to extend an existing living room or to create a brand new stylish living area. The addition of features such as bi folding doors or folding sliding doors will enable you to connect your orangery with the outdoors in summer. Bi folding doors also help to keep structures such as conservatories and orangeries well ventilated.

Using Your Orangery as a Dining room.

An orangery can be used to create a unique dining area. You can enjoy views of the outdoors as you dine with friends and family. Bi folding doors are a great addition to orangery dining rooms, as they can be folded back to create an almost al fresco dining experience in summer.

Using Your Orangery as a Home office.

The bright and airy space provided by an orangery makes it suitable for use as a home office. An orangery provides a unique working environment and will enable you to avoid having to use up space in the main property for a home office. Features such as blinds and rooflights will help to create a more comfortable working environment in an orangery home office.

Using Your Orangery as a Greenhouse.

Orangeries were originally used to house citrus trees and other exotic plants, so you can consider using the structure for its original purpose. You can fill your orangery with exotic plants and even consider combining it with a living area. Extra features such as blinds may be needed to provide plants with shading and to keep your orangery at a suitable temperature in summer.

Using Your Orangery as a Entertainment room.

You can consider transforming your orangery into a unique entertainment room where you can spend time with friends and family. An orangery offers just enough space for a home entertainment system, board games, pool tables or musical instruments such as guitars and pianos, so you can create whatever type of entertainment room you wish.

Using Your Orangery as a Family room.

An orangery will help to provide a bright, airy and spacious room where you can gather with family in the evenings and on warm summer days. You can even consider adding bi folding doors and extending the room into your garden to create more space for family activities during the summer.


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