Add a dash of japan to your otherwise modern home

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Add A Dash Of Japan To Your Otherwise Modern Home

The traditional Zen philosophy of Japan has inspired a simplistic and elegant home décor. Line, space, form, light and material are only a few of the basic elements of this popular form of interior design. Absence of non-essential internal walls is considered very important.

It allows more space, thus, enhancing the connection between the interior and exterior of the structure. The concept of Zen philosophy is depicted through nature, geometry and materials, with the aim of creating a relationship between the building and its natural environment.

These days, Japanese design trends can be called the norm of the day, as far as interior décor is concerned. But, you may be wondering how you can incorporate the pieces in your modern home, without having to change its entire interior décor.

Do not worry, because, thanks to the simplistic nature of Japanese home décor, it can practically fit into any type interior. You can add a Japanese bed here and a Japanese print there, and there you go with your modern-Japanese home.

Most Popular Japanese Addition…

Well, Japanese styled wooden furnishings. These give your home a very simple and elegant touch. These furniture promote a sense of space and cleanliness. Traditionally, Japan happens to be a “floor-seated” culture, so when you plan your Japanese furnishings, keep the point in mind. You can easily alter the seating arrangement in your living area to a floor-seated one. It looks elegant, neat and well kept.

Here are some ways in which you can give your modern home a touch of Japanese elegance:

  • Enough space on your floor: Western civilization has a tendency of placing furniture in a close-together manner, which in fact, is the total opposite of Eastern or rather Asian civilization. Japanese interiors focus on embracing nature and views. An open floor area between furniture gives a sense of a less-weighed down or lighter feel to the interiors of your home.
  • Include authentic Japanese artefacts in your interior décor: Doing so allows you to give a quick Japanese makeover to your home. Consider buying tatami mats to cover the floor area, shoji or translucent screens can be used as beautiful backdrops to your interiors or for separating areas in a room. They can also be used to keep away sunlight.
  • Unity between nature and architecture: As mentioned earlier, Japanese interiors wholly embrace nature in the form of wooden furnishings as well as dark metals like rock and iron. So, bringing in these materials into your interior spaces like bathroom, kitchen and living areas, can give your home an authentic essence of Japan. Consider getting flagstone-made accent walls, bamboo wood floors, river rock, etc. All that you need to keep in mind that all your furniture should be close to the ground, considering the ‘floor-seated’ tradition of Japan.
  • Connect to nature: This can be physical or only visual. The merger can be done with wall doors, sliding glass doors, butt-glazed glasses, etc. The connection can be enhanced by making your exterior more beautiful, like adding more greenery, may be a fountain, rocks, etc. to your garden. Japanese inspired homes always have a connection with nature, whether natural or man-made, to make its inhabitants feel closer to nature.

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