4 green ideas you can carry out before breakfast

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4 Green Ideas You Can Carry Out Before Breakfast

If you are worried about not having enough time to go green then you might like to look at these quick ideas which you can easily do before breakfast each morning. In this article you will find some of the different ways to get help you achieve simply healthy changes for a healthier life.


Make a Healthy Juice Drink

One of the best ways to start the day is with a fresh juice drink. All you need to do is buy a selection of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables once a week or so. Each morning you just stick some of them into your juicer and start the day with lots of vitamins without doing any harm to the planet in the process.

Take a Quick Shower

If you tend to take long, lingering showers in the morning then you no doubt send a lot of valuable water down the plughole while doing this.. It is far better to take a shorter shower and use less water.

There are shower heads which will regulate the water for you so that you use less but you could also just use your common sense. If you want to heat your water in the most efficient way then you should also think about getting a new functional boiler and enjoy a warm and invigorating if short shower each morning.

Unplug Your Television

Many people enjoy a final few minutes in bed before facing the day ahead of them. A big part of this could involve watching the morning news or whatever ever other early morning show you tend to watch. The big problem occurs if you then get up and leave the television switched off but on standby.

This will use up a lot of energy needlessly while there is no one even in the house. Simply unplugging the television before you leave the bedroom is a far more sensible idea. The same applies to any other devices you sometimes leave on standby when you leave the house for the day.

Water Your Plants

If you really want to live an environmentally friendly life then you will want to grow some plants as well as the other things in this list. Even if you don’t have a garden you could put some plants inside your house. You should check which ones prefer warm, sunny places and which ones prefer a lot of shade before placing them anywhere.

All it will take is a few minutes in the morning each time they need to be watered. You can then head off to work safe in the knowledge that your little group of plants are keeping well. Of course, if you have more space you could go a step further and plant shrubs and even vegetables in your garden. The only problem is that you might need to start getting up earlier in the morning to look after them.

With working from home a possibility of becoming the normal for many of us, it’s important we maintain a healthy lifestyle. Naturally there are many different ways in which you can achieve a healthier lifestyle. Start with small changes and before you know it you’ll feel like a brand new you.

If you’re in need of more health advice and tips consider consulting an Occupational Health Provider that can offer professional support with things such as your occupational health, mental health or your health and wellbeing at work.


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