10 tips for creating a cosier home

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10 Tips For Creating a Cosier Home

Cosiness is a special atmosphere created by a combination of sensory experiences. From country mansions to city flats, cosiness is what makes a living space truly feel like a home.

Your home is somewhere you should be happy to hibernate when the nights draw in, the temperature drops, and the TV gets better. It should be the place you feel most relaxed, most at ease, and most secure.

If it feels more like a show home, a hotel, or a gallery space, you’re doing something wrong. But don’t worry – we’ve got all the advice you need on becoming the king or queen of cosiness…


Comfy furniture doesn’t make a home cosy on its own, but you definitely can’t achieve true cosiness unless you’ve paid attention to comfort! Who wants a super-stylish sofa that’s simply not snug? If you can’t afford new furniture, make sure you’ve got plenty of cushions, blankets and fluffy things to make your living area as comfy as possible!


Creating a tactile environment with a mix of textures is key to maximising cosiness. A bit of contrast goes a long way – if you’ve got a super-modern bookcase, make sure there are some nice age-worn tomes on there; if you’ve got hard floors, think about softening them with lush wool rugs; if you’ve got big, blank walls, inject some form with an oil painting or a textile piece.


Neutral colours are good, but a cosy home needs at least a scattering of warmer tones and brighter hues. If you want to keep your walls white or cream, introduce some colour via wall art, floor coverings, curtains and other soft furnishings.


Never underestimate the importance of lighting. The right lighting can completely transform the atmosphere of any room, and ensuring you have a selection of light sources will allow you to create the perfect mood, whether you’re having a dinner party or a duvet day.


Nothing says ‘cosy’ quite like the sight, smell and sound of an open fire. But even a gas fire will seriously boost your cosiness-quota, tapping into the most primitive desires for warmth and safety, creating a dynamic, welcoming atmosphere throughout those cold winter months.


Just as the smell of burning logs can be incredibly comforting, other scents and fragrances can help make your home feel cosier. You can’t fake these things though – nothing compares to the smell of freshly baked bread or a joint of meat slowly roasting in the oven. If you’re serious about cosiness, you’d better be committed to cooking!


Objects that convey a sense of history – a sense of connection with the past – are inherently cosy. In particular, wooden furniture often gets better with age. Whilst a home crammed with antiques can be suffocating and drab, a few well-chosen items offset against more contemporary features can really work wonders.


Similarly, it’s important that your home contains things that represent happy memories of your own. From childhood toys to honeymoon souvenirs, the odd evocative item will make a big difference, giving your home character and keeping your memories alive.


As any devotee of cosy living will tell you, renewal is just as important as reminiscence. A home with plenty of plants will always be a pleasant place to be – bringing a bit of nature inside is good for the body and the soul.

Have you any great tips for making your home cosier? We’d love to hear them.


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