Tips to make your house smell nice

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Tips to Make Your House Smell Nice

Does your home lack that fresh, fragrant smell you find in everyone else’s homes? 

It’s important that you feel comfortable in your home after a long day at work, but it’s equally important to keep your house smelling fresh if you’re having guests; no one wants to walk into a wall of musty or mouldy odours when coming to visit you.

Whether it’s constant cooking which makes your house stink all the time or you’ve got pets with an overpowering odour, here are some tips to make your house smell nice.

In addition, creating a pleasant and inviting scent in your home can greatly contribute to its overall atmosphere and even your health.

That’s why we’ll delve into these top tips to make your house smell nice.


Flowers in the house have a variety of benefits, not only do they look good and have been proven to improve your mood positively but they also produce beautiful scents, providing a calming and soothing effect on your senses.

They are Available all year round, so what better excuse to add a little colour into your home than the fresh scent offered by flowers. Whether you take a trip to your local florist or you cultivate them yourself, there’s no better way to add natural beauty to a home. Pink Lilies are especially potent for this purpose.


Candles are another item that come with more benefits than just making the house smell nice from ambience and mood enhancement to being a decorative element that have a practical use if the power goes out. 

Whilst It feels like they’ve been in fashion a lot more in the last decade. Candles come in all sorts of scents now, from the masculine to the seasonal. You can swap your scents around to keep things varied and go as sweet or as subtle as you choose. Just be sure to give them a good sniff before buying them simply based on the imaginative name.


Dating back to ancient Egypt, incense has been used for both religious practices as well as for keeping out unwanted smells. You don’t have to burn incense these days though, as the current trend is for incense to be dispersed in a room via oils. 


It’s understandable that you might need any combination of the three tips above during winter to help keep your home as fresh as possible, but during warmer months, there is no better tip than to simply throw open your windows, which might sound basic but it has to be mentioned. Opening the windows and letting in the fresh air to circulate will dramatically improve the smell – providing you don’t live somewhere where the smell outside is worse than it is inside or if you live next to a smoky, smoggy factory or something similar. 

Try to banish bad odours through the above, but don’t forget that it makes a big difference if you remove any old food, hide musty shoes and keep on top of the vacuuming when it comes to a fresh home.


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