The best home improvement shows to watch on amazon prime

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The Best Home Improvement Shows to Watch On Amazon Prime

Inspiration is as necessary as a financial opportunity to improve your home. We invite you to watch the brilliant home improvement shows on Amazon Prime and take them as a muse. The advantage of this approach is that in home renovation shows you can find both budget and ultra-modern solutions. The choice is quite wide.

Best Home Improvement Shows

Changing Rooms

Two couples are given a challenge in this thrilling Amazon Prime show: they must renovate a room in each other’s homes. With only two days, £500, a handyman, and a professional designer, they rely on friends, relatives, and neighbours to assist. To complete the makeover within the two-day timeline, the families cannot return to their homes. Throughout the process, they tackle everything from constructing wall units to removing fireplaces, all while adding vibrant colours to the walls. Each couple hopes to impress the owners of the room.

Simple Honest Design

Catherine Arensberg, an exterior designer, specializes in landscaping design that combines balanced symmetry with low-maintenance trees, plantings, and irrigation. By addressing practical concerns and budget limitations, she provides effective solutions to design dilemmas. Additionally, she carefully considers the sun requirements of potential plants to ensure successful garden growth each year.

For inspiration, check out the show “Room to Improve” with architect Dermot Bannon. This brand new series showcases contemporary innovative design projects undertaken by individuals facing various challenges such as budget constraints, unexpected setbacks, changes of heart, and unpredictable weather. The architect strives to implement his expertise throughout the process.

You should be aware that not all shows may be available in your area. If you don’t want to be at the mercy of your streaming service, simply install a VPN for Amazon Prime. With Amazon Prime VPN, you can change your location and restore access to any TV series, movies, and shows. You can start your journey with VeePN in free trial mode, this is one of the best starting points.

The Block

This reality competition show takes place in Australia, specifically in a block-wide, multi-story heritage building. Five teams of two adults compete in a series of challenges to renovate one of five oversized apartments. The goal is to transform the building into a luxury, exclusive block-sized property with highly sought-after units. The “Blockheads,” coming from different occupations and generations, contribute their unique skills that prove to be surprisingly versatile in this contest.

Brand New House On a Budget

Brand New House On a Budget, an extraordinary home improvement show on Amazon Prime, showcases exceptional home designs within limited budgets for families.

Linda Barker, an expert interior designer, takes up the challenge of home makeovers with minimal funds. Employing smart styling tricks, upcycling, and skilled bargaining, she transforms mundane houses into breathtaking homes that fulfill families’ dreams.

Building The Dream Nashville

House Beautiful hired a builder, architect, and 14 designers to create a 6,201-square-foot Whole Home Concept. This series showcases room-by-room development and interior design, with a focus on maximizing a family’s joy. Carisha Swanson from House Beautiful hosts the show, in which a team of forward-thinking designers crafts inviting interior spaces and beautiful exterior grounds.

Restoration Man

The British series features George Clarke, a passionate restoration man dedicated to preserving architectural heritage through building renovations. Clarke collaborates with experts to transform dilapidated houses into stunning dream buildings. Throughout his journey across Britain, Clarke discovers and redesigns historic structures such as gatehouses, churches, windmills, towers, and granary mills, restoring their past glory in the 21st century.

As you witness the master designer’s work, you’ll be captivated by the evolution of these once-wrecked structures. This show is highly regarded on Amazon Prime for its impressive home improvement transformations. If the show is not available for you, just click here and try to open it from a different region. The main thing is to choose a high-speed VPN server in the right location.

Brand New House On a Budget

Brand New House On a Budget is an extraordinary home improvement show available on Amazon Prime. It revolves around designing exceptional homes for families with limited budgets. The show challenges expert interior designer Linda Barker to perform captivating home makeovers while utilizing the smallest possible budget.

Linda Barker employs clever styling techniques, upcycling, and effective negotiation skills to achieve outstanding results. She successfully transforms dull houses into stunningly beautiful homes, leaving families overjoyed when they first lay eyes on their long-awaited dream homes.

Design Doctors

Two interior designers, Denise O’Connor and Catherine Crowe, embark on a mission in Ireland. In each episode, they assist ordinary homeowners in overcoming their distinctive design challenges while remaining within budget. The properties they encounter range from humble dwellings to upscale residences and even luxurious hotels. Season 1 showcased Denise and Catherine, who garnered exceptional feedback from viewers.


These shows provide a good dose of ideas and inspiration for your renovation. Sometimes you can achieve unique design solutions even with relatively simple tools. This is a great option to channel your creativity.


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