Like a coffee? now what to do with those left over coffee grounds?

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Like A Coffee? Now What To Do with Those Left Over Coffee Grounds?

Coffee is the number one waker-upper and everyone loves it. The problem is the coffee grounds or used beans that are left over. There has to be something these are good for, but what?

The fact is, used coffee grounds are good for quite a few uses around the house, outside the house, in beauty treatments and more. Not only that, used coffee grounds are green, so people using them to clean or fertilize are not putting chemicals back into the environment. Try some of these ideas to recycle used coffee grounds and beans.

Did you know that you can use your fruits and vegetables cuttings and peels added to leftovers and the used coffee grounds to create compost for your grass and flowers? This will save wear and tear on the garbage disposal in addition to enduring no smell from the trash can. The coffee grounds add back to the soil what they absorbed in growing themselves, so they are truly recyclable.

Rice isn’t the only tool for keeping salt and sugar from clumping. Adding coffee beans to the shakers or bowls will keep the condiments dry. Put them in the bottom of the shakers so all you’ll get will be the condiments. The coffee beans will absorb any moisture affecting the condiments so they pass freely from the shakers.

In the same category as baking soda, did you know coffee grounds absorb odors? These grinds can be used to clean hands after chopping onions and garlic. You can also use them in shallow dishes in the freezer and fridge to absorb any food odors, deodorize drains in the kitchen and bath. Pouring them directly into the drains not only deodorizes, but, like baking soda, abrades any material on the drains and cleans them.

Coffee grounds can liven up the hair and skin. Rub them into the hair before shampooing, they can strip the hair of build-up from chemical shampoos and conditioners. Rinse and shampoo. To one cup of coffee grounds add 12 tablespoons of water to form a paste. Mix in 6 tablespoons of olive oil to bind the ingredients. Rub on spots troubled by cellulite. The antioxidants in the coffee grounds stimulate the blood vessels near the skin, which helps circulation. This reduces the appearance of cellulite. A spa treatment in a coffee can!

Rubbing coffee grounds onto pets to make their fur shiny and kill flees and other pests might make the pets look great, but be careful. Allowing the pet to lick the coffee will make them hyper!

If you’re a lover of coffee and you’re drinking more whilst working from home you’ll probably have a lot more leftover grounds especially if you’re lucky enough to have a great coffee machine to hand. If you havn’t put are thinking of investing then Nu Vending is is the go to company. Not only do they stock vending machines but also provide an array of advice and resources on all things coffee related.


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