The top 7 items no dog owner should be without

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The Top 7 Items No Dog Owner Should Be Without

Owning a dog is no easy task. They are a member of the family and, just like looking after a child, they require constant care and attention. If you’re neglectful of their needs, this could be harmful to both their mental and physical health. 

The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. There are plenty of items and equipment that help with ensuring your pooch receives everything they require to lead a healthy, enriching life. 

If you’re unsure about what equipment you need and are just entering the world of dog ownership, this guide is here to provide a helping hand. Below are the top seven items no dog owner should be without.


Your dog needs somewhere to sleep. Rather than letting them lay down on your cold, hard floor, get them a comfortable bed for them to relax on after a day of playtime and walks! 

The first priority is selecting bedding that is the right size. You want a bed where they are able to stretch out and rest their entire body on comfortably. If your dog is still a puppy, think about getting an oversized bed for them to grow into. 


Your dog needs to go on regular walks. To make this a reality – and to avoid potential legal problems – you need to use a lead. 

However, it is not simply a case of selecting the first lead you come across. You have to account for both the breed and size of your dog. You need a lead that is both the right size and not too heavy. Durability is also a priority – ensure you select a lead that has glowing reviews for its comfort and overall quality.

Grooming kit 

Okay, this isn’t simply one item. However, a grooming kit should be an essential part of your doggie ownership repertoire. After all, you must regularly groom your dog to ensure a healthy coat, prevent matted fur, and improve their general wellbeing. As well as enhancing the wellbeing of your dog’s skin, it is also the ideal opportunity to check for fleas, bumps, and other potential health issues. 

Dog grooming specialists, highlight just how many grooming products are available for your kit. As for the essentials, make sure you have clippers or scissors if your dog has a long coat that needs to be managed. Brushes are a must. Bathing products like dog shampoo and conditioner can also enhance the look and feel of the dog’s coat. 


Your dog isn’t going to drink from puddles or eat off the floor – at least, that is the hope. You never know if your dog will accidentally tip over their food or spill their water! However, bowls are an essential – and obvious – purchase when owning a dog. 

A little bit of care is required when purchasing these bowls. To minimise accidents happening, go with non-slip bowls that are separate for food and water. If your dog is on the tall side, it is wise to go with elevated bowls so they can reach their food and drink comfortably. 


A collar is another item on the ‘must’ list when owning a dog. This collar is again a legal requirement when out in a public space. This collar also needs to be inscribed with your information and contact details in some way. 

Again, you have to be careful in judging which collar to purchase based on your dog’s size, age, and breed. You don’t want the collar to be too tight but, conversely, you have to avoid having it too loose where it will simply slip over their head. A flea collar is also advised as an extra layer of protection against those persistent parasites. 


You need to purchase dog toys. These provide stimulation, fun, and excitement for your canine, whether they’re on their own or during shared playtime. 

Dog toys come in many different shapes and sizes. Chew toys, frisbees, puzzle toys – the list goes on and on. Make sure to get a varied collection of toys that will keep your dog entertained. 

Car harness 

Whether it is a trip to the vets or a new walking location, it is likely your dog will be taking a few car-bound journeys in its time. This is why a harness – or dog guard or travelling crate – is recommended. They will keep your canine both comfortable and safe. 


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