How to diy the perfect space for your dog

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How To DIY The Perfect Space For Your Dog

According to official PDSA statistics, 27% of UK adults own a dog with an estimated population of 10.2 million pet dogs. With so many loving dog owners in the country living across a variety of different homes, creating a perfect space for your pet using DIY methods is a great way to utilise the space that you already have in your home. 

Here are some ways that you can DIY the perfect space for your dog, whatever your house looks like.  


Choose Your Space

Creating some space just for your dog is a great way to reduce pet anxiety. To decide exactly where you want to put this space, watch what your dog does when they’re stressed. The place that they hunker down in will usually be the place they are able to de-stress on their own. 

Popular places known to relieve pet anxiety are cosy corners where you can add a crate with a blanket you have used a few times to surround them with a familiar and welcoming scent, or in your wardrobe preferably away from the windows – perfect for pups that like to burrow under the bed or crawl under the couch when nervous.

Keep Them Safe

When you’re creating some personal space for your pet, it’s important to make it a safe environment by dog-proofing it as well. Since puppies explore the world through their mouths, making sure the right things are covered can reduce potential health risks – however, even if your pet isn’t a puppy anymore, making sure the area is safe is still extremely important.

Things like covering up wires and cables, keeping human food out of reach, locking away cleaning products and medicines, and ensuring that chairs are kept away from surfaces to prevent them from climbing up on them, are essential dog-proofing methods to undertake when creating a space.  

Add Toys And Furniture 

An essential part of creating the perfect space for your dog is, of course, adding a dog bed. If you already have a main bed for them to sleep in, why not opt for a large dog bed for this separate space for your pet to stretch out on

As well as adding a dog bed, make sure to include plenty of toys to keep them engaged, relaxed, and better behaved. Dog toys have been proven to help pets fight boredom when they’re left at home alone, while also providing comfort when they’re feeling nervous.

Giving your dog their very own space in your home is an easy way to make sure they feel relaxed living with you. By choosing a space known to them as a spot they can relieve some tension, making sure the area is dog-proof by removing potential risks, and filling the environment with a comfy place to sleep and lots of toys, you can ensure your four-legged friend is always at their happiest.  


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