How to stay safe when travelling as a single parent?

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How To Stay Safe When Travelling As A Single Parent?

You are a single parent, and you finally decided that it’s time to go on a holiday with your kid. It is an exciting idea, but at the same time, it causes you a lot of stress. You have thoughts rushing through your head and question the travelling decision. Travelling as a parent can be a daunting task. You have to organise the entire holiday and keep in mind to create a safe environment for your child.

As a single parent, it is especially challenging because you are the only one in charge of everything. As scary as it may seem, travelling alone with your kid greatly benefits your relationship. After the parents have separated, spending time with the child becomes more meaningful and creates a stronger connection.

Your kid will see that you are still a family and no matter what, you care about each other.
The most important thing when travelling as a single parent is to stay safe, so here are some tips to consider before you organise your vacation.

Research Your Destination

A key priority before you go on a holiday is to research the places you will visit. Besides looking for what activities you will do, you need to check how safe the zone is. Gathering all the safety info will prevent many bad scenarios from happening. Maybe the region you want to visit has street protests or riots, or you discovered some threats associated with the place.

In this situation, you can change the destination and pick one with a safer environment. You want to create the best vacation for your children and to be both a learning and an amusing experience. So, choose a destination you know your kid will enjoy and get prepared to make some lifetime memories.

Set Some Rules

Parents often think the holiday will be a disaster because the kids won’t listen to them.  But if you set some rules from the beginning and explain everything to them in a calm manner, they will comprehend why it is so important to hear you out during the trip. So, it would help if you had a serious conversation with them from the start.

Tell them they need to be very responsible and why safety on trips is the most important. Answer all their questions, and don’t punish them too hard if they are not cooperative. Instead, you can provide them with some examples of possible scenarios that could happen if they are not obedient. Compliment them when they are behaving well; in this way, they will know the perfect way to act.

Some rules you can lay down are not talking or going with any stranger, staying close to you all the time, taking care of their backpack and always expressing anything that may seem suspicious.

Pack Lightly

You need to pack lightly when travelling with kids because it is more convenient, saves time and reduces stress. Life is much easier when you have fewer options, especially when you have your kid with you. You will not need to carry heavy bags with you, can skip some queues, and get into all the places you visit quicker.

Make sure you check the weather before and pack accordingly. The last thing you want to happen is to go there and find a cold temperature when you only packed thin clothes. Also, bring some items, like a book, headphones, or colours, to ensure your kid always has an activity and doesn’t get bored. Remember to take food with you; the best options include sandwiches, muffins, vegetable chips, salads and fruits. Since it’s a holiday, you can also bring some sweets.

Consider Transportation

Renting a vehicle when you arrive at a destination is one of the most effective ways to travel with children. By doing this, the transportation to the hotel and the places you want to see will be as smooth as possible, and you can relax and enjoy your vacation more.

If you rent a car, kids will have more space in the back and won’t get as bored as if you used public transportation. If you are travelling with a teenager, you can also rent a motorcycle, as it is a more adventurous experience, and in some areas, you can visit places more easily with it. You need to ensure that safety always comes first and wear a helmet and body armour to be adequately equipped in case of an accident.

Although the last thing you want to happen when going on a vacation with your teenager is to get involved in an accident, dangers are everywhere. Seek immediate help if anyone gets hurt during a collision. If you suffer any damage in a motorbike crash, you may be entitled to compensation, especially if you weren’t at fault for the accident.

Take Your Travel Medical Kit

Every parent needs to have a basic medical kit when travelling with children. Don’t take everything you think of, but essential items that will help you if a medical emergency occurs. As it is better to be safe than sorry, you should bring some prescription medication with you in case of headaches or if you know your child is allergic to something.

Also, your medical kit should include wound protection, as it is one of the most essential items because kids can easily fall. Have some sterile water, bandages and alcohol pads to help them recover easily. Don’t forget sunscreen, especially if you travel to a sunny destination!

Travelling with your children is a fun activity and a learning experience for both of you. Even if there is a lot on your shoulders because you are the only one in charge of everything, the trip will be worth it. You will spend quality time together and create a stronger bond with your kid.


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