Best travel destination for single parents

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Best Travel Destination For Single Parents

For single parents, the whole experience of a holiday can be both an exciting event and a stressful challenge. You have a double task when you go on a holiday because you need to organise everything while keeping your kids entertained and offering them a safe environment.  Although you have to take more things into account, travelling as a solo parent can be an enjoyable experience.

You just need to make sure you plan ahead and give yourself time to consider every aspect of the trip. You have to choose your destination, research what activities you will do there, and take safety measures, as well as pack your luggage. It may seem scary at first but the time spent together will create a greater bond in your relationship and your kid will see that you are still a family and care about each other.

Now that the decision for going on a holiday is taken, it is time to choose the destination. And you want the best place to spend your summer memories and to create a fun and learning experience for your kid. Well, you don’t have to worry, as we have prepared some recommendations for you, so keep on reading.

Disneyland Paris

Can you imagine the happiness you will see on your kid’s face and the sparkle in their eyes when you tell the news that you are going to Disneyland? What would kids want more than to be surrounded by their favourite characters and have a place around them that looks exactly like a fairytale? Disneyland offers endless possibilities for laughter, fun and unforgettable memories.

You will walk into a magical world and create unforgettable memories. It is not called the happiest place on earth for nothing, and it will be an experience you and your kid will always remember. When going to Disneyland you need to ensure you meet your kid’s favourite characters, like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Mickey Mouse, and Spider-Man, and take lots of photos with them.

Of course, the main attraction of Disneyland is the famous Sleeping Beauty Castle, so take the time to admire and appreciate its impressive architecture. Other activities to check off from your list may include watching the parade with Disney Stars, visiting Marvel Avengers Campus, attending stage shows, and going on lots of crazy rides. 

There are many experiences Disneyland has to offer; you just need to bring your enthusiasm and the fun will be guaranteed! 

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a popular travel choice if you are looking for fun activities in the Spanish sun both for you and your kid. The place has several entertainment options for kids, from veritable and authentic local experiences found in the island’s capital, Las Palmas, or alternatives in the sunny southern part, where the rolling dunes of Maspalomas are located.

The best part of the island is definitely the beaches, where you can relax with your kid, go swimming and make the perfect sandcastle. They will probably be your number one activity and you can choose family-friendly beaches like Playa Amadores, Anfi Beach, and Playa de Puerto Morgan. When you are done relaxing, you can go to the water parks where you can enjoy many fun water rides.

If you want to incorporate the learning element into your holiday, you can check Poema del Mar, which is a huge aquarium with several marine species that will keep your kids occupied for hours. You can also join a boat trip to see whales and dolphins, or go to Palmitos Park, to have the opportunity to meet with lots of exotic birds.


What destination offers gelato, one of the kids’ most enjoyable guilty pleasures, other than Italy? Italy is an excellent place to choose for your next holiday destination, as it gathers art, food, nature, and a friendly vibe in one place. From impressive mountains to gorgeous lakes and volcanoes and from spectacular forests to chill beaches, Italy is a source of natural beauty.

You can begin the morning with hiking to have the chance to experience the natural surroundings that the country has to offer. Then you can relax at the beach, swim and spend quality time with your kid. Italy has one of the most beautiful cities in the world like Rome, Venice, and Florence, so you can also enjoy your time walking around the piazza, which is the main square where people go for a walk and visit the main attractions. You can even enhance your trip by learning basic Italian with The Intrepid Guide.

You can’t leave Italy without trying lots of their traditional food which is popular all around the world. In this way, you will have the chance to taste several Italian dishes in the most authentic ways. Try pizza, pasta, lasagna, risotto and of course gelato. They have ice cream for all tastes and several flavours, so you need to try them all and discover your new favourite one. 

However, in visiting many restaurants you need to pay extra attention to what you are doing online. While it is tempting to visit many websites and buy some products to wait for you at home, it is better to stay safe, and not order or pay with your card while using a restaurant’s Wi-Fi. Hackers can try to access your data on holidays, and if they succeed you will not enjoy your trip as you should. However, if this situation happens to you, you might be eligible to get data breach compensation


For a trip that doesn’t include the need to leave your country in order to have a holiday, Scotland can be a good option. The place offers many advantages from long-distance hikes to wild beaches and a cosy atmosphere. Activities with kids can include going to a theatre, to museums, spending time at the beach, or adventuring in national parks.

Kids can also learn stories like the myth of the Loch Ness monster, which represents a fun legend to tell and they may want to see the place where this giant creature lived.

Any destination that you choose to spend time with your kid will be a great destination. So, pack your luggage and let the fun begin!


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