Why a serviced apartment is a better option than choosing a hotel

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Why A Serviced Apartment Is A Better Option Than Choosing A Hotel

When deciding on what type of accommodation will be the best for your trip away to explore an exciting new city, or perhaps a work pursuit that will see you travelling abroad, you really should look into opting for a serviced apartment over a hotel. Serviced apartments are growing in popularity and are a great alternative to hotel accommodation and in this article, we will outline just exactly why you should be opting for one over a hotel.

What Exactly Is A Serviced Apartment?

First off, let’s discuss what a service apartment is and how it differs from that of a typical hotel accommodation. A serviced apartment is pretty much what it says in the title, an apartment that is serviced by those who own the apartment and is more of a home away from home than the feel of standard accommodation.

Serviced apartments will be fully furnished and will be much more spacious with choices of multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, a kitchen and workspaces. Housekeeping will be included and depending on the location of the serviced apartments, a lot of apartments will be situated in complexes that have access to onsite gyms, pools and boardrooms etc.

You Get The Feel Of  A Home Away From Home

One of the main reasons why a serviced apartment is a much better option than a hotel room is the fact that you get the desirable feel of a home away from home unlike hotel accommodation. With a serviced apartment you get all the essential utilities that you would do at home, so you have your own kitchen and be able to cook your own meals and simply unwind and relax in a living area after a busy day of site seeing or day full of work meetings and prospecting. 

Having your own kitchen will also allow you to save money as you won’t have to eat out or pay for food in the hotel cafeteria, so you’re not only getting comfort and practicality, but you are also cost-efficient.

A Lot More Space 

Unlike a standard hotel room, serviced apartments typically offer greater deals of space and you will often find many serviced apartments catering for more people which is ideal if you are travelling to the city with a group of friends, family or on a business trip with colleagues. With a serviced apartment, you will have the choice for multiple bedrooms, your own kitchen space and also a living area that just gives you the added room needed for cooking, sleeping and relaxing.

The Choice For Short Term And Long Term Stays

A key advantage over hotel accommodation is that most serviced apartment providers will offer short-term stays and long-term stays at much better pricing rates allowing for flexibility and getting the best for your money.. So whether you’re visiting a destination for short term pleasure or you require long-term accommodation for work purposes, a serviced apartment is much better than a hotel.

Better Privacy And Security

As we have already touched upon, a serviced apartment will often be located in a secure apartment complex that offers you desirable privacy that is often missing when staying in hotels. With these sorts of apartment complexes, there will be 24/7 security and concealed away from the hustle and bustle. 


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