Tips for green living in a flat or apartment

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Tips for Green Living In A Flat or Apartment

In today’s world we may see a great many instances where people abuse their lifestyle by polluting their environment with needless waste. It is the nature of things nowadays with disposable everything or strong cleaning supplies containing hazardous chemicals. There are other ways one can approach this however, using a more eco-friendly alternative. The following tips will provide you with the answers you may have been seeking all along.

Tips for Green Living In A Flat or Apartment

You can make a small pack of eco-friendly supplies for yourself if you’re into hiking, running or other sports events. Just use a BPA-free bottle, avoid plastic bags and disposable dishes and utensils and stick to those utensils and dishes that will stick around as well.

If you have the habit of letting your water run when you’re washing dishes – drop it right away. This will not only end up inflating your water bill, but it will also waste a whole lot of good drinking water. You can instead do something else – use two metal containers and fill up a tub of hot, soapy water. Make sure you use a biodegradable and eco-friendly soap. Fill up the other one with clean water for rinsing purposes. Once you’re done you can dump both of the tubs on your plants if you’re really using biodegradable soap and you will have nothing wasted.

You should make sure you rid yourself of all your junkmail by removing yourself from any catalog lists or possible ads. This can be a bit difficult with some services, but there are options for that. Either call the company directly and have a conversation with them or look for automated options online through websites such as Catalog Choice and similar ones.

When you’re using your washing machine, make sure you run it on cold water and stick to the later hours of the day. This will lower the power draw it has on your wallet as well as helping the environment in the long run. Use a drying rack for your clothes or a clothes line instead of a power-guzzling dryer.

You should make your own cleaning products at home by combining vinegar and baking soda in a half a gallon of water. You can use that mixture to scrub water stains from showers, chrome fixtures, mirrors and more. If you need cleaning beyond your capabilities the best thing to do is hire a responsible eco friendly cleaning company

Each time you flush your toilet you end up wasting a whole lot of water. You can take steps toward conserving it with a simple, yet surprisingly effective step. Place an upright glass jar in the tank and it will effectively lower the overall water capacity of the tank. This will save a bit of water each time you flush, lowering your bills and using less drinking water.

You should also pay attention to the so-called vampire energy from electronic devices. Most of the ones we use at home are always plugged in, drawing miniscule but steady amounts of energy all the time. These tend to add up in the end, making the draw on your bill enough to warrant taking care of them. Simply unplug what you don’t need and make sure you have nothing plugged in unless you plan on using it and you’ll see a decrease in your bills.


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