How to prepare for the post-christmas blues

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How to prepare for the Post-Christmas blues

Soon Christmas will be over. The fun events in the calendar have been and gone. And most of us are broke. Does anybody else experience the same feelings after a jam-packed December? So just how can we combat those post-Christmas blues?

Focus on the benefits of the post-holiday period

In the run up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we often get ourselves worked up about all sorts of things. Have I sent out all the Christmas cards? Have I wrapped all the presents? Have I bought enough food? Will everyone get along on Christmas Day?

The post-holiday period provides you with the time to relax. Take this time to rejuvenate before getting back into your usual routine. If you have children, enjoy making memories with them before they have to go back to school, and you have to go back to work.

Set some money aside

January seems to last forever, for more reasons than one. Not only have we said goodbye to all our festive events, we’ve more than likely said goodbye to all our money, too. After December’s salary, we could be waiting five weeks until our next pay day. Which means that this month drags. A lot. 

In order to combat money worries post-Christmas, try to put some cash aside in the months leading up to the festive period so that you have something to fall back on when it comes to January. However, if you find that January does become very tight for money, you could consider taking out a credit card as a way to get by throughout the month.

Make some home improvements

The New Year is an excellent time to give your home a much needed make over or to give it a simple rejuvenation. Put some time into clearing out any items which no longer serve purpose in your home and put this time into thinking about any major changes, such as re-decorating or adding in a conservatory, which you may be looking to do for the year ahead.

Fill your diary with things to look forward to

When the festive period becomes so busy with your family and loved ones, you may run out of time to catch up with some of your friends. Before getting too wrapped up in Christmas activities, ensure that you pencil in some dates to see your friends post-December. Knowing that you’ve got plans to go for a winter walk or watch movies together will help you through the blues.

Stock up on healthy food to get you back on track

In the run up to Christmas, we often overindulge, taking a break from our routine when it comes to eating and drinking. Although this is perfectly normal — and absolutely allowed — it can sometimes leave us feeling sluggish. In January, get your nutrition back on track and make healthier choices. By preparing healthy meals, staying hydrated and regularly exercising, your energy levels will increase — and you’ll feel a lot better for it!

January doesn’t need to be so daunting. Follow these handy tips and you’ll be able to combat the post-holiday blues.


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