Five proven ways to improve your sleep

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Five Proven Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Nothing feels better than waking up after a good night’s sleep! Though with almost a third of us struggling to nod off on the regular, it’s not a feeling you may be all that familiar with. From overheating to too much coffee, there are many reasons you may not be getting enough shut-eye to perform at your best. The good news?

This article is full of simple ways to improve your sleep and get the bounce back in your step. Take a break and have a scroll through these tried and tested ways to get you snoozing like a pro. 

Wake up on Top

Literally! You may not have given it much thought, though what you’re sleeping on can massively influence how you wake up in the morning. If your mattress is not providing the support and comfort your body needs to rest and restore, overtime this will start to impact your sleep. Investing in an orthopaedic grade memory foam mattress is a great long -term strategy to protect your spinal alignment and support your sleeping position.

If switching your mattress is not feasible right now, a simple, affordable way to upgrade bedtime is with a quality memory foam topper. The extra layer of support can transform the comfort of your mattress. Look for one that comes with advanced, third generation memory foam and you will be soon waking up before the alarm.

Set yourself a bedtime routine

7pm? Midnight? Early hours of the morning? If you are hopping into bed at different times every day your circadian rhythm and sleeping pattern is going to be all out of whack. While your lifestyle may make sticking to a regular sleeping schedule tricky, the benefits make it worth the challenge. Going to bed and getting up at the same time every day is one of the easiest ways you can improve your sleep, though consistency is key.

Adults need at least seven hours of sleep per night. Choose this window of time and ensure it is strictly reserved for rest. If you are a morning person, going to bed a little earlier may suit you while for the night owls a later bedtime and longer lay in could work better. Be realistic and choose something that is sustainable. This will lead to brighter mornings, happier days and a healthier you. 

Indulge in a sweet treat

Chocolate lovers, rejoice. Indulging your sweet tooth could be the perfect way to get ready for bed. The warm milk and soothing effect of the rich, creamy drink can help you relax and prepare for sleep. Yay! Choosing brands with lower sugar will help to keep the sweet treat healthy, while still giving you the serotonin hit that is responsible for producing melatonin.

This is the sleepy hormone that kicks in when it gets dark and gets you feeling ready to drift-off. You do not have to go for hot-chocolate, any warm, comforting drink will do. From a childhood favourite like Horlicks to a delicious herbal tea. The more you start to associate your chosen drink with your bedtime routine, you are signalling to your brain it’s time to switch off and enjoy a deep, nourishing sleep. 

Keep it cool

If you tend to toss and turn through-out the night, you are not alone. One of the biggest culprits of the bedtime wiggles is overheating, in fact 2 in 3 sleepers say that temperature disrupts their sleep. One simple way to counteract overheating is to turn down the thermo- stat. The ideal temperature for sleep is 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Though for a more indulgent way to keep things fresh, bamboo bedding is naturally thermo-regulating making it perfect for keeping cool and comfy all year round. The soothing, gentle fibres regulate your body temperature making the trendy sheets a natural way to take the heat out of bedtime. In the hottest summer months bamboo will keep you sleeping soundly yet wrapped up and cosy through-out the coldest winters. 

Unwind, naturally

We live in a world that wants everything done yesterday, constantly chasing our tails to fire through never-ending to do lists. This leaves little time to unwind and allow your mind and body to disconnect and prepare to properly rejuvenate.

Rest is a priority and finding ways to unwind for a few hours in the lead up to bedtime will have massive benefits on the quality of your sleep. From a long soak in the bath, reading that latest novel to catching up with loved ones over a home cooked meal. Make time for screen-free wholesome pursuits that allow you to unwind naturally. Your sleep will thank you for it!

The take-away

Improving your sleep can feel impossible if you have been stuck in a rut of regular bad nights. Though these proven tips can help get you enjoying the rest you deserve. From upgrading bedtime with an extra layer of comfort to a better bedtime routine, give them a go and you will soon be waking up feeling (and looking) fresh as a daisy. 


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