Fun ways to celebrate the end of a home improvement project

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Fun Ways to Celebrate the End of a Home Improvement Project

Whether you’ve painted your entire house, redecorated most of your apartment, or renovated the kitchen, celebrating the end of a big home improvement project is a great way to recognise your hard work.

Remodelling, renovating, and sometimes even (re)decorating can be difficult, messy, and stressful, and you deserve to celebrate your home’s new look and enjoy the results of your efforts.

Here are some great ideas for celebrating the competition of your home improvement project.

Throw a Party

What better way to celebrate the end of a home improvement project than to throw a party and enjoy yourself while showing off the beauty of your new home?

Invite your friends and family, but neighbours, too, to thank them for putting up with the noise and supporting you during the renovation process. Order refreshments (or make them yourself!), play crowd-pleasing music, and just have fun!

You can even have a themed party. If you renovated the kitchen, have a small kitchen party (lots of great food and drinks are a must); if you’ve done a lot of landscaping, have a late-afternoon garden party (don’t forget to tie fairy lights and lanterns across the trees!).

Have a Movie Night with Friends & Family

Celebrating the completion of a home improvement project with a movie night is a great way to enjoy your newly updated space with friends and family. Get your popcorn and soda ready and have a fun, relaxing night in the comfort of your beautiful home.

Create a cosy home theatre atmosphere by arranging comfy seating, a large screen or projector, and choosing a movie everyone will enjoy. You have two options here: either choose a classic movie that everyone already loves or one that fits the theme of your home improvement project. Thankfully, there are plenty of home-improvement flicks to choose from (“The Money Pit,” anyone?)!

Create a Family Photo Book

Creating a family photo book to show off your new home is a great way to remember the renovation journey and celebrate the transformation of your space.

Take before and after photos of your home and pictures of your family and friends enjoying the new space. If you’re looking to create a truly unique photo book for this occasion, Mixbook is a perfect design tool. User-friendly, with a ton of customisation options, and actually fun to use, it’s one of the best photo book services we’ve come across!

Treat Yourself to Something New

Home renovations can be hard and messy, so as a reward for hard work done, treat yourself to something new for your home. It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune – what’s important is to pick something you really like or want so it feels like a proper reward.

This could be anything from a gorgeous new vase and flowers that add a pop of colour to your space, to artwork that shows off your eccentric side, to new sheets to freshen up your bed.

Of course, you can also reward yourself for a job well done in other ways. Buy a seriously decadent treat, get that new coat you’ve been eyeing for months, or simply have a beer on your newly upgraded deck.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

After completing a home improvement project, it’s time to enjoy the perks. You didn’t renovate or redecorate your home for nothing!

Have you remodelled the kitchen? Prepare a delicious dish or order your favourite takeout and enjoy the meal with your friends in your kitchen. Renovated the bathroom? Have a long, steamy bath by candlelight. Upgraded your outdoor space? Have a lazy afternoon with a chilled glass of bubbly in the garden.

Take a Well-Deserved Break

After all the hard work, it’s time to take a break and some time for yourself to unwind and rejuvenate. We suggest taking a short, well-deserved break and enjoying a weekend getaway. Hit the beach for a weekend, explore a new city, or stay in a luxurious hotel if your budget allows it.

A short trip has numerous benefits. For starters, it’s a great way to recharge your batteries and see and try new things. And because it’s short, it won’t break the bank. Best of all, you’ll come home to a newly renovated, clean space!

Remember, celebrating the completion of any home improvement project – whatever it might be – is a chance to not only enjoy the fruits of your labour, but to recognise all your hard work. Find a fun way to celebrate that feels most meaningful to you and your family.


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