The 5 most common home improvements projects

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The 5 Most Common Home Improvements Projects

You might be thinking about renovating your home. It would be a good idea to break the options into five categories of home improvements that you could make. Categorising allows you to prioritise the work performed on the house in order to ensure that you tackle the essential bits first.

The revamp should include both structural changes and aesthetic modifications. Realistically, you must consider your structural integrity before you work on other renovations. After you sort out the structural problems, you can then move on to the fun stuff that your dreams are made of.

House Extension & Conversions

Home Extensions and conversions are great ways of enlarging the entire dwelling to preserve the existing floor plan by increasing room size. Whether your home extension is used for more liveable space or additional storage.

As you start working on your project, your priority should be the dwelling size. You will need a structural engineer and someone to manage your entire project who can read your original blueprints in order to make sensible and safe renovations within the existing supports and wiring. Get at least two opinions prior to starting in on the wiring and wall removal.

It will be easier to make the wiring and structural decisions at the same time to avoid having to tear out recently finished work at a later stage. Be sure you appoint a licensed builder at the outset. Because your budget is as extensive as it is, unless you’re a builder, there is no need to make this a DIY project. It’s best to hire a professional builders or construction company.

Window Fitting

Installation of new windows which would improve the curb appeal of the house, add to the energy efficiency of the home and enhance the appearance of the interior.

You might want to purchase some state-of-the art double glazed windows which would greatly improve the appearance of your house. Again, rely on the expertise of a professional when it comes to recommendations and window installation.

Make sure you carry some research on the energy efficiency of windows before purchase – it can seriously affect not only the temperature of your home, but also your monthly utility bills and your privilege to an energy tax credit. This is a fantastic all-around solution!


New flooring will change the appearance of rooms as well as help tighten the structure’s energy rating if your flooring change is comprehensive.

More often than not, a change in flooring will have the most dramatic effect on the house appearance – i.e. changing a room from standard-grade carpet to parquet flooring with oriental rugs.

Kitchen Refurbishment

Kitchen Refurbishment can range from the total update of the kitchen, including new energy-star appliances, new granite countertops, new cabinet facings, new wall covering, and new plumbing fixtures at the sink to simply a lick of paint.

Revamping your kitchen entirely means you’re changing everything, from appliances and counter tops, but also windows, flooring, maybe from an electric cooktop to a gas stove and oven, and sink fixtures which have amenities in and of themselves (hot water spigot, drinking fountain for the kids, etc.).

New granite countertops, new built-in storage compartments, and new cabinet facings can give your kitchen a totally new look.

Bathroom Fitting & Updating

Complete upgrade of bathrooms: new fixtures, new tub with jets for luxurious baths, installation of a stand-alone shower and new lighting and electrical capability.

Bathrooms with new and updated countertops, fixtures and flooring is something to explore when you renovate your house. A larger tub, a stand-alone shower, a new vanity, and a new linen closet are features which will transform any bathroom. Again, this should not be a DIY endeavour!

Property Refurbishment choices for your first batch of five home improvements you would make with millions other may include both necessary structural improvements and aesthetic changes. You want to feel good in your home while being careful to not over-improve your asset.

You will not want to add value that you cannot recoup at the time the property is sold in the future when you trade up for a larger place!


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