How to give your living room a japanese touch

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How to Give your Living Room a Japanese Touch

If you wish to add a zing to your living room and take the interiors notches higher, Japanese is the way to go. Their modern interpretation using clean and naturally occurring materials with more emphasis given to keeping the design minimalistic adds a lot of oomph to the overall appearance.

Aesthetically, the Japanese way of dressing up your home can help suffuse your home with a breath of fresh air as the Japanese firmly believe in keeping their homes as natural as possible with subtle earthy tones that please the eyes and lend a phenomenal amount of comfort to the home dwellers.

If you wish to add a Japanese touch to your living room, some of the most important features that you must consider are the use of natural materials and minimalism. Open spaces are appreciated more and therefore, you must, at all times, avoid cramming your living room with unwanted furniture and other materials. Given below are some top quality design ideas inspired by the Japanese culture.

The Floor Plan

On comparison, you are likely to find a striking contrast in the use of the floor plans in the Western and Eastern countries. While the West firmly believes in stocking up the living room with modern futuristic furniture, Japanese believe in quite the opposite. Therefore, the use of furniture should be kept to bare minimum.

Besides, stocking the walls with photographs and other such showpieces is strictly prohibited. The result is a clean look to your living room that makes it look extremely spacious and easy on the eyes.  Your living room will also feel lighter in weight by just merely taking out a few pieces of furniture and taking down the wall hangings.

Use Naturally Occurring Materials

The Japanese hold nature in high regard and therefore, they are the people who love to incorporate this into their homes. If you wish to go Japanese for your living room, you need to embrace this fact as well and worship nature by way of including materials that are naturally occurring.

Therefore, an abundant use of items made from bamboo, naturally occurring rocks, timber and the likes is an absolute must. Designing the floors using bamboo and having the walls carved out of rocks can give it an authentic Japanese feel. Minding the height of the furniture is also a must. The furniture should be short and essentially in line or just slightly above the ground.

Worship Nature

Japanese are known to love and worship the beauty of nature. Therefore, your living room must ensure that there is immense amount of nature present either inside or outside of your home. If you have lush green lawns, you must consider installing full length glass windows so that you are visually exposed to nature. This not only adds to the aesthetics but also helps bring you closer to nature.

Use Authentic Japanese Home Decor Items

Once you have considered the use of spacious and natural materials, you must consider adding a touch of authenticity to your living room and defining the Japanese look and feel by adding little home decor items that are specific to the Japanese culture.

Since the floor plan will be more roomy and large, you must make wise use of this space by laying tatami straw mats to give it the Japanese look. Besides, using rice paper screens as a means to divide two rooms can lend a beautiful touch to your interiors. These minute yet important details can take your living home to the next level.


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