Best home improvement projects for summer

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Best Home Improvement Projects for Summer

Summer time is a popular time for home improvement, as the ability to keep windows and doors open, the higher temperature and the extra light makes starting and completing home improvement work quicker and with more motivation.  So, given a choice, what are the best home improvement projects for summer?


Painting is excellent in the summer as the dry air, the light and the heat mean that paint jobs can be completed within a significantly shorter time than any other time of year. Being able to get started as early as 5.30am and finish at around 9pm means that you could easily complete two or three rooms within a few days.  Painting and cleaning the exterior of the home is good for this time of year as well, as the toils of your labor are a wonderful sight to behold in the sunshine.


If you have any areas of your home that require plastering, summer is a good time to get it done. Plastering traditionally takes a very long time to dry, but in the summer this is not so much of an issue, meaning that you can get on with other tasks as part of your home improvement more quickly. Also, if you are lucky, you can get a few bank holidays during the summer so that you can complete these wet dry jobs within the space of a weekend.

 Landscaping and gardening

Landscaping and gardening is brilliant in the summer, and a great way to pick up a tan and drink some fresh, cold drinks whilst you work without anyone batting an eyelid. Spending summer days watering, pruning, clipping and blowing in the garden using garden tool hire is good exercise, and incredibly relaxing as well making it one of the most popular DIY projects of most summers.

Clearing and throwing

Another great way to spend improving your home during the summer is with a good old fashioned clear out. Now that the summer light makes everything in your home visible, it is easy to get rid of old clothes, old furniture, throws, rugs  and other sundry that has been laying around collecting dust in your home – and with it being summer time, there are some good car boot sales popping up for you to cash in on your junk. Because the summertime generally means less risk of rain, and more light, items that you have been wanting to get rid of for a long time can be stored safely outside whilst you decide how you are going to get rid of it for good.

Deep cleaning

Just like with paint and plastering, a good cleaning of a house requires the use of water and preferably the elimination of damp once you are done. Summer, again, with the ability for open windows and doors and plenty of fresh clean air, make this an excellent time to steam clean and cleanse upholstery , take rugs outside and give them a beating, wash, wipe and polish windows and rejuvenate floors and surfaces.

Whilst there are many home improvement tasks you can undertake as DIY projects, there are some that you may not wish to undertake yourself or are best left to the professionals. That’s where Bosaco come in. With expert tradesmen and builders in Nottingham, you can rest assure that help is on hand for any project. From Roofing to Landscaping and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.


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