4 home & garden improvements guaranteed to put a smile on your face

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4 Home & Garden Improvements Guaranteed to Put a Smile on Your Face

We seemingly love home improvements in the UK. After buying a home, it’s often a reality that many homeowners are to be found at the DIY centre on many weekends trying to figure out what supplies they need for their next project.

It’s important to figure out the changes you’re capable of doing yourself and those when you need to bring in the experts. This reduces problems with health and safety, poor workmanship through inexperience, and other less desirable outcomes.

So, once you’ve had a bacon butty to fuel up, it’s time to get planning what comes next.

New Cornice Work

Having ornamental plastering installed on the ceilings adds a touch of class to a property. Cornice services are particularly popular, especially in older buildings that lack this visual accompaniment. Not every ceiling will accommodate a cornice – for some, it could be overwhelming.

It’s also not a small addition either. This is where it would be worth contacting the experts who can ensure it’s the right option for your room. If you’re based in Scotland, the cornice services in Edinburgh offered by Ornadec are worth looking into as they can supply ornamental plastering if you are after some new coving, bespoke ornamental plastering, or just plain plastering.

Cute Shelving

For smaller spaces that lack the opportunity to add more cabinets for storage, then it’s necessary to get creative.

Adding thick shelving brings some heft with a decent carrying weight advantage to the proceedings. But don’t go overboard in expecting a set of shelves to work wonders in beating gravity!

Look for thicker shelving, not the almost paper-thin versions that will age poorly and look a little tacky. A quality piece of wood – reclaimed is even better – and some L-brackets are going to look better than a less expensive option. Or you can make them yourself.

Landscape Gardening

It’s not necessary to go crazy with landscape gardening. The main point is to do away with a flat, wide garden that’s uninteresting to the eye and replace it with something that has more character.

When creating your new garden, it can be one that you piece together bit by bit. Be sure to create a plan to work from though. Then build out one area of the garden at a time. This avoids stockpiling too many stones and other landscaping materials before you use them.

For inspiration, look at some images of other peoples’ gardens. It can spark new ideas and remove confusion if you’re unsure how to begin.

Make the Entrance Interesting Again

When owning a house, the front entrance including the step up to the porch, the front door, and any areas nearby all make an impression. We’re leading busier lives, so they get less attention than they should and can become a little worse for wear.

Put time into jazzing up the entrance area. If the door needs a lick of paint, or the porch could benefit from some attention, then put a bit of time into it. A change of colour can also work wonders to make everything feel alive and vibrant again.

Improvements that will make you smile aren’t to be overlooked. Many homeowners put time into making changes for the sake of change. Don’t fall into that trap. Make improvements with a purpose.


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