What is end of tenancy cleaning and why is it important?

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What Is End Of Tenancy Cleaning And Why Is It Important?

When renting a house, landlords are required to take a security deposit from the tenant. This is considered as a guarantee for the landlord in the event that the tenant returns the dwelling in a state or condition worse than originally let in, this includes damages or an unclean state . All deposits should be protected by a government backed scheme.


It is advised you thoroughly read your lease contract before signing as some contain provisions preventing a return of deposit in the event that the tenant does not perform a deep cleaning at the end of the tenancy. Hence the term, which is called End of Tenancy Cleaning.

End of Tenancy Cleaning is a process that must be done professionally and carefully, albeit a cumbersome task for most people and often requires industry knowledge and experience to do it.End of Tenancy Cleaning isn’t everyone’s forte and the quality of such a clean is often noticeable. In the event the cleaning is not performed professionally, there is a high probability that you will lose a large percentage, if not all, of your deposit. You’ll also have wasted your time cleaning in the first place.

Solution to End of Tenancy

Part of being a good tenant is making sure you take care of the property and dwelling you live in and ensuring that when your tenancy ends, your landlord receives the property back in the same condition they entrusted it to you. The best way to achieve this is to use professional cleaning company services, which will save you time and effort ensuring minimal disputes about the dwellings condition and ensuring the return of your full deposit back without any problems.

What’s the Process For End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

End of Tenancy Cleaning is a popular choice and loved by landlords. Each company varies it’s end of tenancy cleaning service even more so from house to house. With houses being different in some way shape or form the size, technical condition and initial cleanliness of the house will dictate what gets done in each home. But in general, this process can be summarised to include the following and most important points:

  • Deep cleaning and sterilization of all surfaces in the house (floors, walls, and ceilings).
  • Deep cleaning of all surfaces in bathrooms, disinfecting them and removing lime deposits formed on the water faucets.
  • Deep cleaning of all surfaces in the kitchen and all the equipment inside and outside, in addition to countertops and kitchen cabinets.
  • Some companies will clean all windows in the house from the inside and outside. Some may only clean the insides, if that’s the case you make want to seek you local window cleaners to aid you aswell.
  • Deep cleaning carpets and rugs at home, in addition to wiping all paintings, if any.

If you want to attempt your own deep cleaning, there’s nothing stopping you. Just ensure you cover all the areas of the house, every nook and cranny as it were. This includes the places where you’d least notice such as skirting boards, the door frames and behind electrical appliances. Failing to do such might result in loosing your deposit. 


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