How to remove blu tack from walls

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How to Remove Blu Tack From Walls

Blu Tack remains one of the most popular methods of hanging posters or other decorative items around your house. But, even though you can buy a pack of Blu Tack for as little as £1, removing Blu Tack without leaving stains can be tricky. 

So wether you’re a landlord, tenant or someone looking to sell your house fast, if you’ve been thinking about how to remove Blu Tack from walls without getting Blu Tack stains, then you’ve clicked on the right article to find your answers.

The trick to getting clean surfaces after using Blu Tack is carefully and cautiously remove the material. Here are the best tips for Blu Tack removers who want to make their walls as pristine as before.

How to Remove Blu Tack From Walls

Blu Tack is often used for decorating walls with different art pieces, whiteboards, and hanging up other decorations without making holes in the wall or leaving permanent marks.

For this reason, it’s a popular resource for students at university and those who rent or who move regularly. However, most people assume that you can just rip off the Blu Tack when you’re done. 

But, if the paint is too thin, it can pull off your paint colour. Or, if there are surfaces that are susceptible to substances like oil or water, then it could seep from the Blu Tack and cause damage. 

Ironically, the first tip for getting Blu-Tack off the wall is to use extra Blu-Tack.

Blu Tack Removal

Did you know you can use Blu-Tack to remove other pieces of Blu-Tack?

You can use Blu Tack to remove other pieces of the material from your wall without leaving marks and damaging your surface.

To help the Blu Tack loosen and come off the wall, you can apply a small amount of cleaning product to a wipe. Then, you can simply wipe and remove the Blu Tack from the location. 

The Blu Tack should come off easily when you rub other Blu Tack against it. But, if there is a leftover patch, you can use your cloth and cleaning product to wipe away the stain. 

Use White Vinegar

White vinegar has always been a great resource for removing tricky stains in carpets and toilets, but you can also use it for removing Blu Tack.

The best thing about white vinegar is that it has fewer chemicals and won’t damage the walls. Plus, it’s easily accessible as you can find white vinegar at your local store or online for a reasonable price. 

To remove the Blu Tack with white vinegar, you can pour it onto a cloth and rub it against the area. Alternatively, you can use a spray with white vinegar for a large room. This will allow you to target small and large surfaces where you’ve placed Blu Tack for posters or other decorative items. 

Apply a Citrus-based Cleaner

A citrus-based cleaner is a powerful resource for removing stubborn stains and marks that can’t be removed with a basic water solution.

Therefore, if you’re having trouble removing Blu Tack or Blu Tack Stains, you should try a citrus-based cleaner. Although an orange or lemon won’t be effective, you can use a citrus-based cleaner to get the most out of this substance. But, if you’d prefer to clear away the Blu Tack without using too many chemicals, you can create your own DIY solution. For instance, you can combine white vinegar, water, dish soap, and lemon or orange. 

When you mix all these ingredients, you’ll have a fresh-smelling space and no trace of the Blu Tack on the wall. 

Magic Eraser

Also known as a melamine sponge, the magic eraser is a great way to remove Blu Tack from the wall. All you have to do is add water and watch the magic happen. 

If you already have a magic eraser at home, then you don’t have to buy a new product to know how to get Blu Tack stains off walls. You can use this tool to wipe away the substance straight away. But, if you don’t have a magic eraser nearby, you can buy one and start using it when clearing your wall for new artwork or decorations. This is particularly useful if you plan on decorating at different times of the year.

For example, you can use it to remove Blu Tack for Christmas decorations or hang paper pumpkins around Halloween. The options are endless!  So, now you have everything you need to know how to remove Blu Tack from walls. 

Blu Tack Alternatives for Decorating

Blu Tack is not the only tool for hanging paintings or placing posters on walls. You can also use other things like washi tape or command strips. Both of these options are great for temporarily decorating a space. And they are known not to leave marks or cause difficulty when trying to remove them.

But there are other options you can try besides Blu Tack. Here are some of the best choices for adding things to your wall: 

  • Double-sided tape
  • Hook and look tape
  • Magnetic paint

Although, instead of hanging things directly on the wall, you can always use the space creatively to hang lights or photos without attaching them to the wallpaper. 

You can attach a corkboard and use pins to add photos, notes, or other sentimental items. Or you can also hang a piece of yarn and tag photos with pegs to create a cosy, welcoming space. 

Depending on the purpose of the space, you can pick an option that works best for you. 

Make Home Improvements Without Stains

Knowing how to remove Blu Tack from walls is only one part of the puzzle when making home improvements or decorating a new space.

But you need the right information to follow if you want the final results to look fantastic. So, you need to find reliable and resourceful blogs to guide you through various stages of home improvement tasks. 

Thankfully, our blog has everything you need, from exterior renovations to home decor tips. Therefore, you can get help with everything, including removing Blu Tack from walls. 


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