How to clean and disinfect your car like a professional

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How To Clean and Disinfect Your Car like a Professional

With summer starting in full swing, we’ve got a treat for all you car enthusiasts out there. We’ve teamed up with Treadfirst to create this how to clean your car like a professional guide.

Regardless of who has been inside your car, a thorough clean is vital because your hands could have come into contact with contaminated objects. Without thinking, you could use your keys to unlock and lock the car, touch the door handle, steering wheel, gear stick, seat belt and before you know it – your car is a hotbed for viruses and bacteria. So to keep yourself and others safe, take a read through this guide and learn how to clean your car like a professional.

After using your car, and where possible, wait 3 days before performing a deep clean to get rid of any viral or bacteria that may be lurking. 72 hours is the suggested waiting time because this amount of time significantly reduces the chance of survival for any virus that could be living within your car’s interior surfaces.

Where possible wear personal protective equipment when restoring a classic car with any mould.

For complete safety, you should wear PPE when cleaning out your car, including:

  • Apron
  • Gloves 
  • Goggles
  • Mask

Equipment you need to disinfect your car

Luckily the shops and local supermarkets are bustling with products that can help you, but to clean your car, all you will need is:

  • Household disinfectant (free-from bleach)
  • Cloth
  • Bin bags

How to clean your car
Where to start?

Pop on your personal protective equipment, grab your cleaning bits and bobs and get to the car! 

Pay specific attention to metal elements, viruses and bacteria can last longer on these surfaces and depending which parts of the car they may be on could be a hotspot for touching

  1. Start with the exterior – spray and wipe handles, door frames and wing mirrors.
  2. Immediate interior – handles, releases, door pockets, window switches, lights, indicators and grab handles.
  3. Driver’s seat –  steering wheel, keys, seat belt and seat belt plugs, headrest, seat adjustments and seat pockets, interior lights, mirror, visors and cup holders.
  4. All seats inside the car – seat belts and seat belt plugs, seat adjustments, headrests, seat pockets, glove box and logbook.
  5. Dashboard – controls, ignition button, horn, indicators and air vents.
  6. Boot – floor tabs, baskets and parcel shelf.

After cleaning your car, place your cloth in a bag and place it in an outside bin. Wash your hands thoroughly with antiseptic hand wash and wash your PPE/clothes using a disinfectant solution. 

For help or assistance with your vehicle’s mechanical or electrical issues, call Treadfirst for great prices, impeccable services and honest advice. Operating Tyre Fitting, MOT Testing and many more services throughout East Anglia.


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