Five ways to speed up your summer clear out

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Five Ways to Speed up Your Summer Clear Out

Summer is often the time in which we decide that enough is enough and the house needs a clear out and so begins the process of working out what you don’t need anymore, what you can sell and the things that are just junk.

We’ve put together this quick guide which will help you to speed up your summer clear out so that you can get back to relaxing.


One Area at a Time

Despite sounding pretty simple and obvious, just focusing on one area at a time will help you enormously. It’s very easy to get distracted when you are clearing out your home and, a lot of the time, people do odd bits here and there in different rooms – meaning that it doesn’t feel like they are making great progress.

Make a List

It’s sometimes worth buying a clipboard and just having a look through the area that you want to clear out. You can decide which items you can’t possibly get rid of and the items that you can, meaning that when you come around to doing the clear out, you can move through it efficiently.

Sort Rubbish into Piles

When you start working your way through your room, it’s a good idea to sort your rubbish into piles, especially if some of the things that you’re throwing away are recyclable and some are not. It can also be pretty satisfying to see a pile of the stuff that you are going to throw away as an indicator of your progress.

Bag it Up!

Once you have finished clearing the room out and you have all of your piles of rubbish, it’s time to bag the rubbish up so it’s ready for disposal. Many recycling companies offer a skip bag service which will provide you with a strong bag to put the rubbish into, most of them will also collect the rubbish for a fee.

Use a Man and Van Service

When you have finished clearing out your home, you have two options when it comes to disposing of the waste. You can either:

  1. Take the rubbish to the local tip/recycling centre yourself or;
  2. Hire a man and van service to take the hassle out of it and do the work for you.

We’d recommend using the man and van option – it’s much less stressful and it stops your muscles from aching the next day!

This article should help you to speed up the clearing out process and allow you to live clutter-free with minimal effort, something that I think we’d all like to achieve.


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