Common carpet cleaning myths debunked or confirmed

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Common Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked or Confirmed

When it comes to cleaning, your mind probably doesn’t have the room for any more tips and myths about the best products to use or the best methods to follow. However, some of these myths are indeed true, and once you start practicing a few of those tips, they’ll probably stay with you for life. Carpet cleaning too has its’ share of myths and tales.

Let’s break some down for you.

Cleaning carpets often can cause more wear and tear

This myth was probably true decades ago before the introduction of modern and professional carpet cleaning services. The fabrics used in carpets too have evolved to be much more durable. In fact, carpets have to be regularly cleaned to avoid stains, to retain their appearance, and to avoid dust bugs and allergies.

Abrasive dirt particles that have settled into your carpet fibres cannot be coaxed out with your household vacuum cleaner. These particles cause a lot of damage to your carpets, especially in areas that are constantly used.

Steam Cleaning Carpets can lead to mould formation

Professional carpet cleaners use an optimum level of steam to ensure that the carpet does not get too wet and soggy. And their services include ascertaining if the carpets are clean and dry before they leave. Furthermore, carpets are installed with impenetrable pads. So there is no question of water saturating beneath the carpets and leading to mould etc…

Carpets Shrink with every Cleaning

If your carpet does shrink after a cleaning, it is most likely due to the fabric and rarely due to improper cleaning techniques. Discounted carpets made from less durable fibre like olefin will probably show signs of wear shortly after installation and once you start cleaning them regularly.

You can compare the effects of the same products and techniques on nylon fibre-made and latex-backed carpets, and they are sure to vary.

Home Cleaning Techniques are much more cost effective

That’s only if you plan to change your carpet every few years. The do it yourself kits in supermarkets and hardware stores maybe good enough to get rid of some stains, but there is no way you can clean your entire carpeted area with these products.

And if you ignore your carpet cleaning needs long enough, even a professional probably can’t help retain the natural lustre of your carpets.

With all that said, the durability of your carpet greatly depends on your choice of fabric and its effective installation as well. Carpet cleaning is mandatory to keep the dust and bacteria away from your home and kids. A safer option is to opt for carpet cleaning services as they understand the kind of cleaning best suitable for your floors and carpets.


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