Can household objects block my wifi?

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Can Household Objects Block My WiFi?

The short answer to this is yes – WiFi can be blocked and weakened by household objects. 

Wi-Fi signals are radio waves that operate within specific frequency ranges, and they can be affected by various differently by various household items/

Heres a deeper dive into some of the objects that can block your WiFi


Furniture e.g. sofas, chairs, wardrobes, beds, cabinets etc. are made of a range of materials including wood, metal and fabrics. These materials can all weaken WiFi signal, particularly if they’re large pieces of furniture.

Household Electronics/Appliances

Appliances such as fridges, microwaves and even baby monitors can all have an impact on your WiFi signal if they’re too close to the router. This is partially because they’re made with metals but also because they use electronics which creates Electromagnetic Interference (EMF). Both of these interfere with your WiFi.


Walls are made of the likes of brick, concrete, metal and plaster. These all block WiFi signal to varying degrees (concrete and metal being particularly anti-WiFi). Obviously there isn’t much you can do about your walls so it’s best to keep your router at a distance from them where possible.

You want to avoid having the likes of a concrete wall between your router and important devices or rooms that require good internet connection.

Glass & Reflective Surfaces

Objects with reflective surfaces like windows and mirrors reflect WiFi signals. The further your router from these objects, the lesser the impact.


Water poses a lot of resistance to radio frequency (RF) signals so can have a negative impact on your WiFi . The obvious example would be a fish tank. Another good example is your boiler.

Funnily enough, if you stand to close to your router, the water in your body can also have an adverse effect on signal strength.

How Should I Position my WiFi?

While household objects and the materials that comprise them can potentially impact Wi-Fi signal strength, the true extent of the impact will vary based on a variant of factors, such as: signal frequency, distance from the router, the type of Wi-Fi technology being used, and the quality of the router itself.

If you’re experiencing a weak WiFi signal it could be a technical fault (in which case, try contacting your internet service provider). It could, however, be the positioning of your router especially if it’s somewhat hidden away or surrounded by objects.

To try and get the most from your WiFi, try the following:

  • Ensure that your WiFi isn’t hidden behind any objects e.g. furniture
  • Place the router in an open area away from walls if possible
  • Position your router in/close to the rooms in which you use it the most
  • Keep your router away from large appliances if possible
  • If your router is close to a fish tank, move them away from each other
  • Do not keep your router in a cabinet
  • Put your router in a position that has a good line of sight with your important devices
  • Keep your router away from reflective surfaces

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