Top tips for a utility room renovation

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Top Tips for a Utility Room Renovation

Many homes in the UK have a utility room but it is often the very last room in the house which you will think about updating. However, it can be an incredibly pleasant space with some TLC. When you are ready to face renovating your utility room, there are some key things you should think about.

The Floor

One of the most important decisions you are going to make is the type of flooring you want. The most sensible choice you could make is for something which is waterproof, durable, and easy to clean. A floor like vinyl or laminate is probably going to be the best option here as they are low maintenance but won’t be easily worn down. 

Make sure you have a small area next to the back door which has a heavy-duty mat. Add a shoe stand and plenty of coat hooks to this area. This should be a clear “undressing” area where people take off all their outdoor gear. This should hopefully prevent some of the mud and water someone might bring in with them from getting tracked through your clean home.

Make Sure the Plumbing is in Properly

Many people use their utility room as a laundry room too. While they might have a freezer, they will definitely have a sink and a washing machine. You need to make sure that these are plumbed in properly so they cannot leak.

The most important of these appliances is the washing machine. Service Force have some tips on installing a washing machine if you want to try to install it yourself. They have comprehensive guides on the maintenance of many of the most popular brands of washing machine. If you think you want to handle your utility room renovation yourself, their expertise can help you out.


In addition to being a laundry room, a utility room is also frequently used for storage. From bulky winter boots to all your cleaning supplies to overspill storage from the kitchen, you need to make sure that you have space for it all. 

Luckily, it is often fairly easy to install cupboards in a space. You can find some pretty inexpensive modular cupboards to fill up a room and provide you with adequate storage. Make a detailed plan for each cupboard and what you want to put inside. If you do so, you can make plans for the structure of each cupboard and any additional storage you will need for them like partitions or boxes. 

An Extension of the Kitchen

If you do not feel like doing a complete renovation to design a new room, why not carry over your design choices from the kitchen? Your cupboards and countertops will most likely work in the utility room just as well as they do in the kitchen and it will help to create a little flow between the two rooms. 

A quick change like painting the walls the same colour could make a massive difference to the space. If you have enough leftover paint from the kitchen to tackle the utility room too, take the time to decorate it too. 

Your utility room is a place you might not have given a lot of thought to yet, but it is a brilliant space for anyone who likes to make their house as unique as possible. Give a little love to your utility room and make it a room which you are happy to spend your time in, no matter why you are there. With just some small changes, you can easily transform your utility room. 


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