Smarten up your home with the latest in smart home tech

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Smarten Up Your Home With the Latest in Smart Home Tech

At H2 Property Services, we’re always looking to the future of home services, including the newest trends in smart home automation. With the touch of a button, the opening of an app, or the sound of your voice, your home can work for you like never before. So, let’s take a look at what’s hot in the world of smart homes.

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Smart Appliances

There are many devices flooding the market that will get you into the home automation game. From smart appliances such as kettles and coffeemakers, to video doorbells, to smart buttons that connect all these devices. If you want a simple way to begin home automation and get a taste before investing in larger smart home technologies, start with a smart power switch.

The power switch looks like a normal plug adaptor and works in the same way. Except, whatever appliance the plug is powering can now be voice activated. So, while you get ready for the day ahead, you can ask the kettle to turn on in the kitchen and the kettle will be boiled in time for coffee by the time you make it downstairs – a perfect start to the day!

Smart Thermostats are Hotting Up

Innovations in home central heating means that smart thermostats are becoming more affordable than ever before as the technology matures.

What you can expect from central heating automation is full remote-control from anywhere in the world via WiFi; artificial intelligence that learns your daily routine and adjusts the temperature to suit; and real-time energy consumption stats that puts you in control of your bills.

Save money, the environment and enjoy a smart, perfectly temperate home with modern heating technologies. You’ll never know how you did without one.

Smart Bathing

It was once the stuff of fiction to have a fully automated home, but what if we told you that it’s possible to fill your bath using your smartphone? That’s exactly what companies like Unique Automation are offering. Using an app, you could be filling your bath while on the way home so that it’s ready the moment you walk in.

Not only can you fill it, but you can control its temperature, depth of water, fragrance, and even what it will be showing on the optional, 24 inch, waterproof, retractable television, built into the head of the bath.

H2 Property Services is a friendly, local plumbing, electrical and gas specialist serving all the major London boroughs. Our team is comprised of local engineers so If you find yourself without hot water, an overflowing toilet or gas problems, do not hesitate to contact them.


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