Ready made vs made to measure blinds

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Ready Made vs Made to Measure Blinds

Blinds are an everyday commodity for many homes and have become a staple in dressing windows. As well as their ability to improve energy efficiency within the home, they’re easy to install and privacy inducing, making them a popular window treatment option. Available in a huge array of styles and variations; from roman and roller to venetian and wooden, there’s a lot to consider when deciding on which blind is right for your space. Once you’ve decided on the blind-type of your choice, are you going to go for a ready-made option, or invest in made to measure? Here we discuss the various factors to contemplate when making your decision.


Available Budget

Window treatments can be a costly affair, with certain styles and materials costing a small fortune, particularly when choosing a bespoke option. Ready made blinds are often mass produced in the most regularly requested widths and lengths, meaning retailers and suppliers can offer them at a more affordable price point. Made to measure blinds require a slightly bigger investment due to the bespoke nature, with the design and manufacturing process tailored to specific measurements, patterns and treatments. That being said, in a market that’s so saturated, there are many affordable made to measure options available on the market, so it’s worth considering which option is most suited to your windows.

The Perfect Fit

Not all windows are created equal, so a “one size fits all” mantra doesn’t always work when it comes to blinds. These days, most generic shape and sized windows will be able to perfectly fit a readymade blind, making readymade a fantastic option for the majority of homes. Roller blinds in particular have the option to be trimmed at home, ensuring further flexibility to secure that all important fit. For windows that are unusual however, be it in size, shape or positioning, a readymade option may not be suitable. Made to measure blinds would then have the upper hand, as they are built from scratch to exact specifications, ensuring that no additional alterations are required before fitting.  

Design Choice

Ready made blinds are a practical and often cost-effective choice for many, and these days they do tend to come in a relatively diverse selection of colours, patterns and sizes. That being said, made to measure blinds offer huge design flexibility with a wealth of colours, shades and styles to choose from, proving particularly for those looking for a specific print variation to complement their home interior colour scheme. In these instances, it’s worth considering a made to measure option.

Practicality and Availability

The usability of the blind is extremely important, but often not considered when making the initial purchase. Many readymade blinds come with the control and draw options on one specific side, meaning it needs to match your space in order to be practical. Made to measure blinds have the option to choose the control side, offering more flexibility in terms of practicality.

Whether your decision is based on affordability, usability, style or all of the above, window blinds are a must-have window treatment and are a fantastic investment, offering both privacy and style for any home.


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