Maximising bedroom storage space with storage beds

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Maximising Bedroom Storage Space With Storage Beds

If you find you’ve no space left in your wardrobe or your drawers are overflowing, you’ll be wondering where to store the rest of your possessions. One thing you will notice, is the potential of the unused space under your bed. Moreover, you’ll find yourself thinking that space is perfect for extra storage.

That’s where the genius of storage beds comes in. With there versatility and enhanced storage space they become ideal pieces of furniture. This is especially true when you consider the growing trend in the furniture market which is only expected to expand more. If that alone doesn’t convince you then maybe the points below will.


The Essence of Storage Beds

First things first, are storage beds representative of there name? Absolutely! These beds have a massive amount of hidden space and some are even compartmentalised. Whether you want to store extra pillows, bedding or clothes, like your winter wear, storage beds are massively capable.

Not only are storage beds an economical option, made popular because of there practical design, but also aesthetically pleasing with styles to suit any taste. On average, you’ll gain an extra metre squared of space. By using a bed with integrated storage units you’ll easily be able to keep your bedroom clean, tidy and organised. 

The Different Types of Storage Beds

Naturally storage beds are designed to have quick and easy access whether its a lift up or draws based one. You’ll be able to get to the items you’ve stored but there are different types of storage beds and you’ll want to choose one that suits your needs and desires simultaneously.

There are three main types of storage beds available in the market and come in a range of styles and designs.

Divan Beds

Divan beds are essentially a complete bed thats ready to use. They typically come in two parts. Normally they are specially designed when it comes to the fabric, allowing the mattress to match the base. Whilst they take up less space than other frames, due to the fact that the mattress sits on top of the base, they still offer a great deal of storage when they come with drawers. 

Ottoman Bed Frames

Ottoman bed frame is the type of bed that affords the most amount of storage. The mattress sits upon a gas-lift hydraulic system that allows you to lift the entire mattress. Not only are they the best bed frame for storage but they are also available in a variety of different finishes allowing you to perfectly integrate this piece of furniture into any home decor whether you’re looking for grey ottoman beds or more vibrant tones to match.

Bed Frames with Drawers

Bed frames with drawers are the perfect blend between Ottoman Beds and Divans. They afford you the flexibility of style typical with Ottoman Beds but also the draw space typically found with Divan Beds.

Top Considerations To Make When Buying A Storage Bed

Before you jump into buying a storage bed you’ll want to take some time and cosider which type of storage bed will be best for you. You’ll want to know the following 

  • Analyze and measure the amount of space you have
  • Determine the type of belongings you want to store 
  • The usability of those items (yearly, monthly, or daily) 
  • The easy accessibility/maneuverability of the storage compartment (opening and closing mechanism) 
  • The versatility of the closing panels (removable to facilitate cleaning) 

Based on these aspects, you’ll know whether a divan, ottoman, or a drawer will suit your needs best. Finding a perfect storage bed that balances room appeal and personal storage usage is crucial. Only then can you harness the full potential of storage beds. Along with these, it would be best to consider the your beds durability.

Your final considerations should come in the form of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Storage Beds

  • Storage Beds are Spacious and offers internal storage otherwise not utilised.
  • Items stored are easily accessible.
  • They come in a range of styles, fabrics and colours.

Disadvantages of Storage Beds

  • Some types of storage beds can be high maintenance, trapping and accumulating dust in parts of the frame and even the drawers or storage areas.

Ultimately storage beds are a great choice when you require extra space in your bedroom. Moreover, this type of bed offers a new purpose to an unused area in your room. It harnesses the existing space and repurposes in a useful way. Along with the utility it offers, storage beds like Ottoman Bed Frames provide great support for the mattress you use, making them extremely comfortable to sleep on. That’s why they’ve become popular over the years.


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