How to tackle common problems found in older homes

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How to Tackle Common Problems Found in Older Homes

If you recently purchased an older home or you’ve been living in one already for quite some time, you’re bound to encounter common problems that occur in houses as a result of age. Thankfully, there are several easy ways to tackle these issues without having to become too stressed throughout the process. Check out the tips below, whether you’re the type of DIY homeowner who would rather attempt fixing problems yourself or you prefer to call professional repair companies.


Poor Quality Insulation

Insulation in older homes is often not of the highest quality, and some homes don’t contain any insulation at all, depending upon the year that they were built. This means that you have to deal with fluctuating extreme temperatures as the seasons change because your home will be ill-equipped to trap heat inside during the winter and keep heat outside during the summer. And this can all result in you feeling extremely uncomfortable, as well as spending a lot more money than you should have to on your energy bills.

Blow-in insulation is a great solution to this problem because it eliminates the need for costly removal of your drywall to have a layer of insulation added. This type of insulation requires that you merely cut small holes in your walls and pump insulation through these holes. Though blow-in insulation won’t be as good as fibreglass insulation, it’s a more affordable, and less invasive, option.

Old, Dated Looking Radiators

Once better insulation is in place, you can also go a step further and upgrade your heating system with upright radiators by that will not only pump heat effectively into every room in your home, but also look great and modernise your space at the same time so your home won’t look so old, even though it is.

Not Enough Storage Space

Older homes are typically lacking in large closets and storage space. But there are some effective ways to tackle this problem without breaking the bank. Simply start by looking for storage spaces in unexpected places throughout your property. These may include areas like those beneath and between your windows, where you can install cabinets for storing items or clothing. You can also create your own closet in a room if it’s large enough to do so. Do it yourself or hire a builder to install extra walls and a door that can serve as your new closet.

Old Electrical Systems

An old electrical system can increase your risk of electrocution and fire, whether you have frayed or cracked insulation on your electrical wiring, your home has old aluminium wires, or you have a circuit breaker that’s outdated. Signs that you should call an electrician include flickering lights, a tripping circuit breaker, and frayed wires.

With so many ways to easily tackle the common issues that homeowners face in older homes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take in the charm and character that comes with these properties. A few simple upgrades can make a huge difference and bring your home into the modern era.


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