How to choose abstract art for your home

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How to Choose Abstract Art For Your Home

Whether you are in the process of redecorating your home or want to add some pizzazz to your existing décor, abstract art is one of the best ways to add some colour, appeal, and interest to your home. But, with so many different amazing artists and pieces to choose from, with many different effects that can be had on your home, how do you make the right choices? We’ve put together some top tips to consider when it comes to choosing abstract art for your home. 


Consider the Effect You Want to Have:

Depending on the art that you choose, there are many ways in which it can change the entire tone and ambience in your room. When it comes to abstract paintings, the lines, shapes and colours are all stripped down to their bare essentials, so consider whether you’d like to go with a fluid piece or a geometric print. This will make all the difference to the effect that the artwork has in the room that you choose it for; fluid, flowing pieces will bring serenity and calm to a space, which is why they are popular choices for the bedroom, living room or dining room. On the other hand, if you want to bring some intrigue, vitality and energy to a room a geometric print is a fantastic choice. 

Think about Your Colour Scheme:

Bright and colourful abstract art is one of the best ways to introduce a splash of colour to minimalist décor, and it can fit in almost any interior – it doesn’t have to be modern! Colourful prints can work just as well in a vintage home, particularly if you opt for prints that feature blue hues, which really complement red, wooden floors and furniture. 

These large abstract paintings by Jessica Hendrickx at LittleLeloo are the perfect addition to a home that needs an injection of colour. The artist describes her work as the freedom to create without boundaries; her inspiration comes from everywhere and she looks at life with an open mind. Her large, modern paintings are created by playing with colours, movements, compositions and forms, and she always tries to achieve something new and unexpected. 

Big or Small?

Oversized art is one of the hottest interior design trends right now, and abstract artwork lends itself to this trend perfectly. Oversized, large modern paintings can bring a room to life and make even the barest and minimal of rooms look homely and comfortable whilst avoiding a cluttered appearance. And, oversized modern paintings, whether you’re going for flowing or geometric abstract art, bright colours or a monochrome hue, are a perfect option for rented accommodation, as there’s no need to hang – simply prop them against the wall for that chic, modern loft attic vibe. On the other hand, if you’re trying to add some interest to a small room, then smaller prints can break up the space and brighten up a dull wall with pockets of colour and intrigue. 

Abstract art is the perfect way to give your home’s interior a modern edge.


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