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Home Office Design Checklist

Whether you have just moved into a your and are ready to go ahead with a comprehensive home office fit-out or you’re keen to revitalise your existing office space with an office refurbishment, it’s imperative that you have an home office design checklist in place to ensure you get things right the first time. There are so many different things to consider when it comes to home office design. Yes, aesthetics is important but it’s also paramount to consider maximising the space and thinking practically.

Naturally you could do it yourself but you might want to also consider utilising a highly accredited and professional commercial construction contractor, such as Naturally you could do it yourself but you might want to also consider utilising a highly accredited and professional commercial construction contractor, like JST Construction to completely reinvigorate your home office space.

In this latest blog post, we have outlined the six essentials that should be included within your home office design checklist. If you’re looking to create an inspiring space that helps you to perform at your best whilst also making the space really inviting for possible clients should you ever invite them over.

Choose Comfortable Furniture

If you are revitalising your home office space, it’s likely that you’ll need to update furniture items too such as desks and comfortable chairs. Long hours are spent in your office and therefore, comfort is key. Ergonomics is essential and comfortable furniture is paramount to properly support your physical health. In the modern-day era, you may also want to consider stand-up desks to give yourself the option of moving around to increase movement throughout the day. Furthermore, if you share your working space with someone else you may also be worth considering if you work on numerous group, or separate projects to encourage engagement and satisfaction. It’s well worth strategically thinking about co-working spaces and if they will be suitable for your home office design plans.

Make It Inspiring

The look and feel of your home office space is absolutely essential for optimising productivity, after all it’s an extension of your home. There are many elements of your home office design to consider that can result in making your space extremely inspiring. The first thing we would suggest is to make sure you have plenty of exposure to light by including window treatments within the home office design, if this is possible to do so, and considering plenty of accessories. Making your office inspiring and welcoming doesn’t have to be over complicated and can work for all budgets. Designing and constructing a simple lounge area away from your desk, if you have the space, is another simple way for inspiring home office design.

Choose Colours Wisely

Choosing the right colours and paints is a big part of your home office design thinking process. Colours are more than just something that’s pretty on the eye. Different colours can actually affect our brains and perception. It’s imperative to carefully select colours that not only match your brand and mission statement but also colours that engage and stimulate your mind and emotions. Happy and warm colours that work well include yellow, orange, pink, and red. 

Allow For Natural Light

Natural light is seriously important in all spaces, including your home office. It plays a massive part in any interior design as it has a direct impact on mental health and wellbeing and well as productivity. In fact, recent studies have shown that enough exposure to natural light is very high on the agenda for most homeowners. When thinking of how to make this work within the home office design process, there are multiple angles to consider.

Incorporating Greenery

Greenery in homes, especially the home office is a growing trend within interior design. Although greenery within any space can help bring the area to light (quite literally), greenery within working environments, such as the home office, is also proven to have a fantastic effect on mental health and productivity. Plants are great to have in your interior design plans and aquariums are also on the rise. 

Think Functionality

A big part of the home office design process is thinking about functionality and how you want your revitalised office space to work and incorporate it with you daily business activities. Do you want one conventional office space or would you rather segrate different sections for specific tasks? For example, many decide to go ahead with office with a split between the usual office / desk based work and practical work. It’s important to consider all possible options in the early stages of office design.

If you are serious about your home office with a view to utilise it more don’t be put of by considering seeking assistance from professional office refurbishment services.


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