Enhancing your living room with fireplace accessories

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Enhancing Your Living Room with Fireplace Accessories

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to build a fireplace in your home, not least the fact that this could add an estimated £10,000 in value to the property.

While this is based on spending £3,000 on a wood burner or similar fireplace, it highlights the growing demand for a stylish fireplace amongst buyers and suggests that even rustic fireplaces could be enhanced to achieve a similar objective.

You can even accessorise your fireplace to enhance your living, but what are the best accessories from the perspective of home-owners? Here are some ideas.


Add A TV to Your Fireplace

We’ll start with what’s arguably the most popular modern day fireplace accessory, and one that can be wall-mounted to achieve optimal impact.

Even on a fundamental level, mounting a TV on your fireplace offers functional benefits, as this enables you to save space in your living room and account for the far larger dimensions of modern televisions.

Modern TVs are also sleek and stylish, so they can adorn even basic fireplaces and transform an outdated living room into a contemporary space.

Add A Mirror to Your Fireplace

Mirrors represent a similarly popular and visually impactful accessory, and one that also boasts advantages from the perspective of both form and function.

Adding a mirror above your fireplace (or indeed anywhere in your home) can create the illusion of space, while reflecting natural light and maintaining the impression of a light, airy room.

Mirrors can be purchased in various shapes, sizes, and styles affording you plenty of freedom in terms of interior design options.

So, if you are yet to decide whether you want the TV or a mirror above the fireplace, it’s worth giving this consideration and determining precisely how much space you have to work with.

Add Candles to Your Fireplace

For those who prefer a more traditional or intimate feel, candles can make for striking fireplace accessories.

They add a unique source of cosy light and heat, to create a more inviting and romantic living room space.

You can choose to have any number of candles in–or on– your fireplace, and you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing candleholders to complement your living room’s interior design.

Add Flowers and Tall Branches to Your Fireplace

The notion of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ has been prevalent in the world of interior design for some time now, with fireplace adornment being no exception.

Simply introduce seasonal flowers (or plants) and tall branches to your fireplace to create a unique dash of colour and make a visual statement in your living room.

This may be a relatively unusual way to enhance your living space, but it’s become a particularly popular option during the summer months.

Add A Rustic Log Rack to Your Fireplace

If you have a classic wood-burning stove in your fireplace, you may want to invest in a log rack to sit alongside it.

There are numerous types of log racks available, and some also come with firewood holders and practical tools. These come in an array of designs and materials too, so you’re sure to find a product that suits your living room’s interior design.

A log rack can be both functional and stylish in equal measure, and can even serve as a dramatic statement piece if the fireplace is the focal point of your living room.


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