A guide to choosing the perfect towel rail

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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Towel Rail

One of the best home improvement decisions you can make is installing a heated towel rail in your bathroom. Towel radiators are perfect for giving your bathroom space an aura of elegance whilst also bringing an element of function. The good news is that you do not have to spend a lot doing so. Being able to hang your towels to dry before using them again is a simple yet essential luxury. By installing a heated towel rail, the unpleasant experience of damp towels will be a thing of the past.

Having decided to get this feature for your bathroom, the next question you’ll be looking to tackle is going about the purchasing process? That’s where UK Home Improvement come in with some essential considerations.

Size Matters

Don’t let the rumours fool you, size matters. So before getting into details such as finish and styling, it is vital to establish the size that best suits your space. Home improvement experts recommend having both radiators and heated towel rails. Allowing the former will be responsible for heating up the room while the latter will warm and dry your towels. 

Determining the best position to put up your heated towel rails will also help determine possible dimensions. Most are of a vertical orientation. This way, even if the available horizontal space is minimal, it is possible to utilise the upward space normally left unused. Even in situations where you have limited vertical and horizontal space, there is a wide variety of small-sized towel rails you can choose from.

What Type of Towel Rail Will I Need?

The question has nothing to do with finish or style. Rather, it has every single thing to do with your existing central heating system.

Standard Central Heating System

A large percentage of individuals have a conventional or standard hot water system. The gas boiler is linked to a thermostat in this type of heating system. It boils the water, which then traverses your house through the pipes and conduits into your radiators. There is a high chance that you have a standard Central Heating System. If this is the case, you should go for standard heated towel rails. The towel rail will be linked to your central heating system. As the hot water flows via it, it becomes hot and warms up the towels.

Electric Heating System

Not everybody possesses a gas-powered boiler Central Heating System however. Some are electricity-powered central heating. Typically, electric central heating systems work in a similar way as storage heaters which are mounted on the wall, connected to the mains supply, and heat up once they are switched on.

People with electric heating systems should opt for electric towel rails, which are usually plugged into the mains electricity supply and can be turned on or off when need be.

If you choose to go for electric heated towel rails, there are several options to choose from. You could either go with a non-thermostatic heated towel rail or its thermostatic counterpart. The difference between these two is that a non-thermostatic (also known as single heat) rail operates at a specific temperature, while a thermostatic rail will allow for temperature variations.

Dual Fuel Heating System

This system operates both via a gas boiler, conventional hot water central heating system and also its heating system is connected to the mains electricity supply. In this case, a dual fuel heated towel rail will be most appropriate. This option is particularly useful during summer when switching on the entire central heating system may not be necessary, but your towels still need to dry. These types of towel rails also have thermostatic and non-thermostatic options.

What Colour Options Should I Consider?

After a long and tedious journey of deciding on the dimensions and type of towel rail, choosing aesthetics is the best part of the process. Ensure you go for a towel rail that blends with the design plan of your interior space. Are you searching for a radiator that matches your monochromatic colour scheme? Then you have come to the right places as you will be in awe of our wide range of black towel rails. From the numerous traditional and modern designs, you will indeed find something to suit your needs. At Elegant radiators, our black towel rails are made to stand the test of time while giving your space a sophisticated look.


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