5 uses of concrete in the home

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5 Uses of Concrete in the Home

Concrete hasn’t often been associated with style or sophistication, but this material is fast gaining recognition for offering exactly that! As interior design ventures into new territories, concrete is gaining recognition for adding a contemporary touch to homes across the country. 

Concrete is most famous for its high strength and durability, also making it ideal for applications in the home that require a sturdy, solid material. Here are our top five uses of concrete in the home. 


Durable flooring

The most common use of concrete at home is for creating a floor that will stand the test of time. You can put your stamp on it with a finish of your choice, and when polished up, concrete boasts a unique modern look that also provides the functionality and strength of a floor, too. As such, it has also made its way into more traditional homes. Another key benefit is that it needs barely any maintenance, and stays looking good for years to come – this makes it an ideal choice for homeowners with little time to spend on upkeep. 

Eye-catching fireplaces 

When searching for your ideal fireplace, concrete is a material that can really make an impression. Whether you’re creating a hole-in-the-wall statement piece, or a more traditional focal point, thanks to the versatility of concrete, it can be fashioned into a number of different fireplace designs to suit both modern and traditional interiors. The thickness, shape, and finish of the concrete can be altered to give a customised look that suits your space. 

Sinks with a difference 

The old-fashioned appearance of a porcelain sink isn’t for everyone. If you want to step outside the mould and give your sink a modern twist, why not consider concrete? Easy to maintain, this material also offers a clean, zen-like look that is calming for a bathroom space, transforming it from a standard bathroom to your very own tranquil sanctuary. Choose a finish that suits your style and you’re good to go. 

Resilient countertops

Kitchen areas need an easy-wipe surface that doesn’t scratch and is resistant to heat. Luckily, concrete fulfils all these requirements, making cooking and clean-up an easy task, not to mention it’s a long-lasting surface that will serve you well into the future. If you want to spice up your countertop, decorative elements such as shells, colourful glass, and stones can be added into the mix to create a point of interest. 

Garden furniture and decoration

Concrete is long-lived and resistant to weathering, making it ideal for an outdoor setting. Whether you’re building a bench, a table and chairs, or something more inventive, concrete is a sturdy, functional material that adds a one-of-a-kind look to your space. If you’re a creative type, you may wish to purchase a concrete mould to make your very own ornaments and decorations, adding some personality to your garden. 

If you’re in the Essex area looking for concrete for projects in your home whether home improvement or decoration, contact Neil Sullivan & Sons today.


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