5 things every design lovers should do

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5 Things Every Design Lovers Should Do

A lot of people are born with the power of imagining and designing the interior in their heads. Others manage to pick up this skill with time and try to master it. However, in the interior designing industry, it doesn’t matter how you have acquired this skill. The only thing that matters is whether you can justify the service you have provided to your client. When it comes to design lovers, they too have certain principles that they follow to accomplish their goals. If you look at the ‘Before & After’ images of the renovated space by the top interior designers, you find a lot of fundamental elements incorporated in the designs. Things like carpet size, porcelain slabs, lighting, etc are taken good care of.

If you are one of those who focus on aesthetics as well as functionality, here are 5 things that you need to implement in your space right now!

Keep Space For Your Sofas

If you believe in comfortable living, it is important to be a bit practical. As a thumb rule, you need to keep 45cm of space in between your sofas and the coffee table. Lesser space might make you feel a bit squeezed, and more space might make it difficult for you to reach the table. You need to measure the space and the sofa set you like beforehand to keep some space for walking. This is one of the major aspects of designing that every interior designer follows in order to provide satisfactory service to their customers. 

Pay Attention to the Flooring:

The correct floor space and flooring can help you open a lot of space. Low maintenance materials include hardwood or porcelain tiles. They are easy to sweep, mop or even vacuum. If you choose large format tiles, it will reduce the amount of grout that needs to be cleaned and sealed from time to time. Make sure you do not select any type of flooring that has wide gaps or seams. Places like the bathroom require bathroom porcelain tiles that are waterproof and easy to maintain. Make sure you pick the tiles as per space demands. Be thoughtful while selecting the colours.

Minimise Open Shelves

One area that catches the most dirt is your open shelves. Reduce or completely avoid them to keep your pantry away from dirt and dust. If you are storing cutleries, books or clothes on such shelves, it will catch a lot of dust from outside, especially if there is a window. Apart from this, it is difficult to remove all the items and wipe off the surface when cleaning. You can also add glass elements in your closed cabinet for a better aesthetic. Add fancy knobs to add a style statement.

Backsplash & Countertops For Kitchen

Your kitchen comes in a lot of contact with water. Countertops and backsplash areas need to be non-porous. To keep these areas safe, you need to install porcelain tiles. They are easy to maintain and clean. Porcelain tiles are best suited for places like the kitchen and bathroom due to their waterproof nature. While marble, granite and woodblock are quite popular choices for kitchen islands, they require constant maintenance. You can play a lot with different tile designs to amp up the space. Let you designer help you with several tile colours and design for your kitchen. You can also play around by installing marble effect porcelain tiles to add beauty to the space.

Add A Statement Piece

Trust us! A statement piece in the room will uplift the true vibe that you have been looking for in your space. This statement piece could be anything. You can get bright poppy colour furniture, a unique tile design on one wall, a stunning chandelier or wall art. You do not have to overdo the space. Just add one piece and it will do the job. Adding a bold colour will definitely help you get a lot of compliments.

Bottom Line

You need to be thoughtful when building your dream home or even renovating your space. All the elements used in the process need to be durable just how the best interior designers in town recommend porcelain tiles for flooring. After all, we do not build our house every day!


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