Frequently asked questions about combi boilers

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Frequently Asked Questions about Combi Boilers

Checking the efficiency of your boiler in the lead up to the winter months will ensure your home has central heating and instant hot water during the bitterly cold weather. If you have noticed that your radiators aren’t heating up properly or your hot taps are running cold, it may be time to upgrade to a new, dynamic design.

When searching for the perfect boiler, there are a few things you need to consider to ensure it suits your requirements, tastes and budget. These include:

  • Size
  • Type
  • Construction
  • Reliability
  • Output
  • Energy Efficiency

A popular choice amongst homeowners in recent years has been the combi boiler. Favoured for its efficient design and reliable use, this boiler provides both central heating and instant hot water to a property whenever it is required.

Will I require additional equipment with a combi boiler?

The innovative design of a combi boiler eliminates any need for a separate hot water storage cylinder or tank in the loft, as the unit alone can provide both central heating and hot water on demand.

Will a combi boiler work with my current shower?

When investing in a new boiler, it’s important to make sure that its design will be compatible with your existing fittings. Typically, most standard showers will work with a combi boiler to provide instant hot water when required. However, the water demand for a modern multi-jet shower may exceed this supply, in which case a pump assisted power shower will need to install a tank fed system.

Are combi boilers an energy efficient option?

Combi boilers are a favoured choice for many as they are very economical to run. Their main purpose is to only produce hot water when it’s required, meaning minimal energy is wasted and the cost of energy bills is lowered.

In terms of energy efficiency, each combi boiler will have an official SEDBUK rating which is determined by a fair comparison of their energy performance. Those labelled ‘A’ are the most highly rated as they provide at least 90% efficiency to meet industry standard.

To further increase fuel savings, the versatility of certain combi boilers, such as a new Baxi combi boiler, means you can link the unit up to a Multifit GasSaver to catch any excess heat which would otherwise be wasted.

How do I know what size boiler I will need for my home?

A thorough site survey carried out at your home by a Gas Safe registered installer will determine which boiler output you require in your property. In turn, this will tell you what size boiler is needed, depending on the requirements of your property as well as your personal preferences.

The Boiler Buying Guide from the experts at A&D Plumbing addresses the most frequently asked questions, so you can learn more about how your property can benefit from having a combi boiler installed. Additionally, if you are looking to improve the efficiency of your central heating system you may be interested in A&D Plumbing’s Guide to Power Flushing which explains this specialist cleaning process in further detail.


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