Common plumbing problems in the summer

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Common Plumbing Problems in the Summer

Plumbing issues can take place at any time of the year and for a number of reasons. However, the type of weather can really wreak havoc on certain appliances for many reasons. 

It can be handy to understand what to look out for during each month so you can keep a close eye on specific appliances which are more likely to break. 

With the hot weather here, these are the most likely issues you may face in the summer. Once you notice any of the following, make sure to search for plumbers near me to find a local company who can help.

Toilet More Likely to Get Clogged

With more visitors, summer parties and family barbecues in the summer, you’re likely to be getting a lot more use out of your toilet.

And although a clogged toilet can happen whenever, it’s far more likely to occur the more a toilet is being used.

Constant usage or things being flushed that aren’t supposed to be can easily cause it to clog. Consider putting up signs when people visit to avoid putting things like sanitary products in the toilet, or place bins in the toilet to give them the option.

A clogged toilet can become a health hazard and will need to be fixed quickly, so it’s one you should try to avoid.

Shower Is Used More Often

The hot weather brings lots more sweat. And with lots more sweat, brings a lot more showers. Extra steam and moisture can cause rust to your fixtures, so keep an eye out if you start using your shower more often. Keep your window slightly ajar to avoid this as best you can.

It’s also more likely for things like grains of sand to get clogged in your shower if you’re heading back from the beach. 

Check Your Sprinklers

Your sprinklers are much more likely to be used more in the summer months to keep your grass hydrated and plants blooming. 

To avoid any problems, give them a check before the summer to make sure they are working correctly. If there are leaks, the excess water will cost you more money on your water bill.

Washing Machine Problems

When you’re out and about more, the more use your washing machines gets. This can overwhelm the machine, so as soon as you think there is a problem you should get it looked at urgently. The quicker you get the problem fixed the less damage will occur to the machine.

Clogged Drains are More Likely

Drains can get blocked at any time, however with sand and dirt from the beach, and appliances being used more often like the toilet, blockages are more likely to occur in the summer.

Get An Inspection Before the Summer

In order to avoid appliances getting used too much and breaking, conduct checks on your most used appliances before the hot weather arrives. This way you can pre-empt anything breaking when you need it the most.

How To Prevent Plumbing Problems

If you’d like to try your best to avoid needing a call out, there are certain measures you can take:

– Inspect! Keeping your house healthy includes regularly checking your appliances are in good condition. You can do this seasonally, as the weather is bound to make an impact. Make sure there are no leaking pipework and that your water heater and sprinklers are working.

– Check your drains. Do this regularly to avoid serious blockages.

– Turn off your water heater and other appliances when going on holiday.

– Keep an eye on your water pressure to avoid serious plumbing system problems. Changes in water pressure are a key indicator that something serious could be wrong.

Find a Local Plumber

Whether you’re looking for plumbers in Nottingham, Newport or Newcastle, finding a local plumber is easy, simply Google “plumbers near me”. And when you have a local plumber you can trust, you know that your appliances will be in good hands in an emergency. 

Plumbing engineers will be happy to conduct a summer inspection to make sure everything is in good shape. They may even identify some issues that you never would have thought of, saving you time and money in the long run. Get in touch with your local plumbing engineer today if you think you may have any plumbing problems.


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